Money is the root of all Evil

Did you know the economy is bad?  If not, you’ve been living under a rock.  It sucks, unemployment is high, blah blah blah.  Now can we quit talking about it?

Almost every day, I hear someone complain about the current state of the economy and/or their own financial troubles.  As a person who has been broker than broke, I understand what it is to have problems.  I also understand that finding a solution isn’t as hard as people are making it out to be.

If I was fired today, I would most likely have a good cry-fest about it, and then I would go on the job hunt once again.  Filing for unemployment is out of the question in my world.  There are jobs everywhere!!  The problem with most people is that they don’t want to get out there and pick up a crappy job to support themselves.  Why should they if the government will send them a nice unemployment check?

I appreciate his honesty

The economy isn’t to blame for people being broke.  People are to blame.  Stop spending money on things you don’t need; movies, CDs, fast food, designer clothes.  Shop for food at Walmart and eat at home every day.  Go to Goodwill if you have to for clothing; they tend to have nice things if you have time to search.  If you’re too good for Goodwill, hit the clearance rack at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, or any place where prices are low to begin with.  Borrow new movies and CDs instead of buying, or hit up Half Price Books where certain CDs and movies are $2-$3 a piece.  Manage your money better!

As far as not being able to find a job, I don’t buy that excuse for a second.  I guarantee that I could find a job in a week, give or take, if I had to.  I’ve done it before.  Sure, it means possibly doing something you don’t want to do, but it’s a job.  It looks better to your future employers if you are out there working rather than sitting at home collecting unemployment.  Go work at McDonalds, be a cashier at Target, wait tables at Chili’s, do something!

I don’t blame the economy for high unemployment.  I don’t blame Obama.  I blame the lazy whiners who sit around waiting for someone to fix things, while not thinking to try to help themselves.


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  1. how about the fact that most people can make MORE money on unemployment than taking a job that pays less; and here where I live…unemployment actually encourages people to refuse a job to suck on the teat that feeds them more milk.

    the economy actually isn’t in that bad of shape anymore…but jobs ARE still scarce in lots of places..and it’s NOT a matter of taking a lesser job..because the lesser jobs get quickly filled with the high school kids who they prefer to hire for the meanderful jobs

    Even better tip for saving money; use the public library system. I don’t know about libraries in your neck of the woods but here they get a pretty decent selection of the newest cds and movies released ((and if they don’t get it they let you request things)). It definitely saves me a lot of money that I don’t have to spend as far as movies go; a little bit less so in regards to music but even when i DO have disposable income I don’t spend nearly as much as I used to on music ((cds and movies at half price books here aren’t anywhere near 2-3 bucks…can actually find a lot of stuff cheaper new than what they charge for used..haha))

    I can’t find a job….you can judge me as you like for my saying that…BUT I don’t get a fat unemployment check because of a place I worked for screwing me over ((so I actually OWE unemployment money)) in regards to why or how i was fired…but I’ve swallowed my pride enough that I’ve done a few medical studies to get money for rent and what have you….also pawn shops are always an option for those bitching about their financial issues.

    goodwill is good if you want to dress like a mormon….lmao; tj maxx and marhsalls..are hella expensive here…all the dress for less places are a scam

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