Joined at the Hip

It’s time to go to the doctor!  Mr. Smith is having some health issues again.  He grabs Mrs. Smith and they head out.  Upon arriving at the office, Mr. Smith suddenly loses his ability to speak.  Luckily, Mrs. Smith is there to talk for him and explain to the receptionist why they are there.  After receiving the paperwork, Mr. Smith also loses his ability to write, so Mrs. Smith politely fills out the paperwork for him.  The doctor calls him back, and Mr. Smith starts to leave the waiting room.  He is stopped by Mrs. Smith, who grabs his arm and holds him back so she can enter the exam room directly before he does.

I meet couples that fit perfectly into that scenario at least once a week.  The first few times, I figured that maybe the husband was shy, or maybe the wife thinks his handwriting is messy and would rather ensure his paperwork be neat, but after seeing it time and time again, there’s no way it can be something simple and innocent.  I’ve seen couples where the wife will shove her way in front of her husband when he is spoken to so you’re forced to address her rather than him.  I’ve seen couples where the wife will tell her husband to shut his mouth as if she was silencing a child.

My baby is on lockdown!

Why are so many husbands and boyfriends on lockdown?  Why do these guys allow themselves to be pathetic pushovers?  If you’re a man, please be a man and do things for yourselves.  I’m all for equality and for strong women, but this type of behavior is pushing it.  I have to assume that the female is in charge here because the men always look so meek, and almost afraid.  The only reason I can come up with that makes sense to me in all situations is insecurity and/or lack of trust on the part of the female.  Why else would a chick follow her man into his rectal exam?

I know for a fact if I tried to pull this crap with my husband, I’d either get laughed at or left at whatever establishment we were in.  Then again, I don’t have paranoid delusions of my husband leaving me for the cashier at Walmart.  To the women out there who act this way, please understand that neither myself nor any other woman wants to steal your man; there’s no need for you to be up his ass all the time.  To the guys who let it happen, please grow a pair immediately.  It’s embarrassing for all of us to watch.


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  1. well madame jamie; it’s because america is full of pussys…pussification of men brought about by single moms raising their sons to be pansies…women are at fault for those men acting the way they do….or they are just insecure and would rather take the abuse than tell their wife to ‘go fuck herself’

    they don’t have a pair because their mommies taught them to piss sitting down…and there was no men in their life to show them how to be a man…

    also in some instances…the guy takes the abuse because he’s cheating on his woman the time he DOES get away from her….

    I guess there could be other reasons for it too…

    the beginning of your little speel isn’t so much the tale of a pussified man…what man DOEsN’t want to let his wife do the talking and fill out the forms at the doctors offfice? THat is simply allowing a man to show his dominance by having his woman do his medial tasks…but once she strong arms him to the examination room…there’s something not quite right UNLESS of course…the guy is just a pussy and scared of doctors…in which case I could see it being acceptable….AND one last OR if they were to old fogeys than that’s just how things go when people become elderly…BUT if they are young….dude needs to bitch slap a hoe;;;((and no i don’t mean litearlly bitch slap her..i mean figuratively))


  2. mrsjamiecbaker

    The ones I see are basically led around by their lady companion. It’s sad. There’s one guy who has both his mother and his girlfriend do his thinking for him. He can’t do anything without first getting their approval. And in my opinion, at 23 he’s old enough to handle his own business.

    I should be more grateful for my husband around for Dominick, because ever since getting all of us together, he has manned up a lot. As much as an almost 5 year old can man up anyway.

  3. Buuuuuuuuuut, I like you up my ass. BEETCHER!

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