Garbage Girl

I watch the CW network for two reasons:  Supernatural and Smallville.  The former is a definite favorite and I hope it gets picked up for a 6th season.  The latter didn’t have the best season this year, but the finale made up for it, and I have high hopes for the return of Lex next year.  Two nights a week, my husband and I are tuned in to the CW for these shows.  These are also the only 2 shows on this network that aren’t complete garbage.

One Tree Hill is trivial trash; every preview looks exactly the same.  America’s Next Top Model, which should be called “I’m Tyra, Look At Me!” has been going on and on, and I fail to see how the winner becomes top anything afterward.  Recycled shows like 90210 and Melrose Place are a testament to the lack of creativity in today’s media.  The Vampire Diaries is just another dumb show following the current trend of vampires being cool and sexy.  High Society looks like upper level crap.  Life Unexpected is pretty much what you would expect from a third rate drama.  Fly Girls makes me want to gouge my eyes out.  And finally, Gossip Girl, which I loathe beyond words.

I'm a cocky bastard with no talent other than eye squinting

My least favorite part of Gossip Girl is pictured above.  Every time I see this squinty eyed moron, I want to take a knife to his face.  From what I can gather through show previews, his character is a giant sleezeball who makes a game out of seducing random people.  Seriously??  Who in their right mind would find this idiot attractive?  I hate this guy the way my husband hates BJ Novak, possibly more.  If not for the two kick ass shows on the CW, I would invest my free time into starting a network ban.

That being said, everyone should really start watching Supernatural if you are not already doing so.  This show has gotten progressively better with every year it is on, which is hard to do, and this last season was jaw dropping, ground breaking, and simply fantastic.  Also, the husband and I bet on a horse named Sammy this weekend in honor of the character San Winchester, and he won!


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  1. Yes everyone should start watching all the shows that are about to end forever. HaHa.

  2. life unexpected is a surprisingly decent show…albeit it doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense sometimes….i watch that and 90210 only because fox has crap on at the same time and it’s either 90210 and life unexpected or …do something productive…hahahah 😀

    suprnatural is terrible in my utterly biased and no researched opinion….it attracts the SAME audience as the vampire show you loath in any case.

    • mrsjamiecbaker

      haha how can you enjoy 90210?

      • I don’t think i said i enjoy 90210…i said i watch it…not the same thing 😀 ..ALthough..i did enjoy watching last nights episode…some things are to hillarious, unintentionly, to me….a big part of why i watched the oc was because it made me crack up every weeek..and it wasn’t originally meant to make one laugh but it turned itself into something completly laughable so near the end they HAD to have been doing it on purpose;;;

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