Nothing in this life is free

Recently, I’ve been getting DVDs from a friend of mine.  Most of the time, I’ll pay her for the cost of the copied disc, but sometimes she won’t charge me anything.  Most recently I got a copy of The Losers and Iron Man 2; the first was a great copy, the second was a bit fuzzy but since we’ve seen it in the theater twice, I’ll watch it!  A couple weeks ago, I also got How To Train Your Dragon for my son.  A few months back, a different friend got my husband and I the recent season of Dexter so we wouldn’t have to wait for the DVD to come out.  Is this wrong of me?

Oh yes I would!

Sure, I know it’s frowned upon, but I figure it evens out in the end.  My husband and I both went to see Iron Man 2 twice in the theater, and once we took our son, so we more than paid for that film and we will be buying the DVD when it is released.  We’ll also be buying Dexter when it finally comes out, and recently subscribed to Showtime so we can watch the next season.  We pay Netflix monthly for the convenience of watching various films.  We spend a lot on movies and television shows on DVD and in the theater.

The “don’t steal movies” ads aren’t going to deter me from getting copies from friends.  People do it all the time and from what I can see, it’s not doing much, if any, damage financially to either industry.  People are going to whine about it the way Metallica whined about Napster, but it won’t stop people from getting not-so-legal downloads and distributing them to others.  Iron Man 2 made $128 million it’s opening weekend and stayed at #1 for the weekend after.  Can you show me how my bootleg copy hurt anything?

Too cool not to download


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  1. Dear MPAA, the views and opinions expressed by my wife are in no way a direct reflection of the opinions of myself. Please only arrest and prosecute her, as I clearly had nothing to do with any of this. Thank you.

  2. mrsjamiecbaker

    No worries! I made all of this up. I would NEVER ever touch a bootleg copy, nevermind actually own one. Sillyness!

  3. Thief 😀

    disney dvds have copy protection on them….other companies don’t….just proves if they are willing to spend an extra 2 or 3 cents the pirating would go down…although most of the stuff floating around are screener copies now days

    my favorite example of stupidity by the studios was either spiderman 2 or 3…while the movie was IN theaters there were already dvds of it, from the studio, sitting in a warehouse…waiting to ship..when they do that shit of course it’s going to get out.

    those don’t pirate commercials on dvds are GREAT “you wouldn’t steal a car”…they obviously don’t know who they are talking too..and a car isn’t a movie…really they, hollywood, are more worried about people SELLING copies of their movies…they don’t care so much if it’s distributed…and on that note TECHNICALLY if you buy a dvd and let a friend borrow are breaking the law since ‘the dvd is for intended use of the audience that purchased it’… teachers have been breaking the law for yeas because you KNOW they don’t get written consent to show films to their students….(((and for that matter if you have a friend or two over and watch the movie are technically breaking the law))

    I make copies of dvds…I’m far less a criminal than other people I know whom download everything that is in theaters and than create illegal copies of it…therefore I don’t feel so bad…and technically making a copy of a dvd for my own personal use is NOT illegal…

    I’ve taken to watching streams of movies, sporting events, and various other ppv psuedo sport (think wrestling) events online. I found this site that is quite awesome…..they have how to train your dragon on their site streaming and it’s been there since about the time the movie opened in theaters;;;; if someone didn’t want that to happen than it wouldn’t be happening…i.e. studios KNOW that the secondary or tertiary market are seeing their product via other means AND THAT is why things such as iron man 2 have such massive product endorsement tie ins…..”steal the movie” all you want but there’s no escaping the product placement within the movies…you think the massive amount of tie ins increasing was a coincidence?

    And lastly….studios CHARGE movie theaters to show their films….the studios are already making profit…bootlegging doesnt hurt’s the trickle down effect to the consumer who has to pay 30 bucks for a standard dvd, 15 books for a movie at the theater, 5 bucks to rent a dvd……..((((and yet the libraries remain free…)))

    I just downloaded the most recent season of the tv show skins. It’s a british show. They showed the first few seasons on bbc america….it’s not looking like they are going to show the most recent season….the american dvds that are released of the show chop the episodes up because of lame censorship that doesn’t exist in england….should i feel bad for doing so? I don’t believe so.

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