American Idiots

I am happy to admit I was dead wrong!!  From the audition stages of American Idol, I was convinced that Casey James would win it all.  And no, it’s not because I enjoy his voice or find him attractive, it’s because the moron stripped during his audition and I know how many teenage girls and horny desperate women love that crap.  Sadly, I’m pretty sure that a lot of the voting from idiot America is done by people looking at visual appeal of the person rather than actual talent.

The Next American Douchebag!

Thankfully, his talentless ass was voted off last night!  I caught the last 5 minutes of Idol after the husband and I finished watching a Netflix movie.  So now we’re down to Crystal and Lee.  I hope I am dead wrong, but I have a bad feeling that Lee is going to win.  Again, not because I think he has any good qualities, but simply because I can’t stand the guy and everyone else seems to adore him and his awful voice.  I’ve only been cheering for Crystal, Big Mike, and Andrew Garcia!


I was pretty damn upset when Garcia got kicked off the show, but I have high hopes of a blossoming career for him down the road after the Idol tours and all that other garbage.  If/when his CD comes out, I will buy a copy.  As for the future of Idol, I’m tired of hearing about it.  Now that Simon is leaving, I don’t even see much point in watching the auditions for a laugh.  It is a huge money maker though and society in general can’t get enough, so I’m prepared to be hearing about Idol for years and years to come.  Who knows…. maybe I even know a future American Idol.

American, meet your future Idol:  BakerBoy!

The kid can sing!


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