To Have & To Hold, Til Death…

Last Saturday I shared drinks and food with my favorite group of people.  One of the topics brought up was a former roommate who recently got engaged and is planning on having the wedding in the very near future.  Happy times, right?  Well, this guy had apparently met his future wife about 2 months ago and was already in “love” after a week. The love of his life comes equipped with two kids, so he will already have an entire all American family after saying “I do.”

True Love

Anyone that knows how my husband and I met and got married knows that I am a believer in true love and that I definitely believe in taking chances.  That being said, how are you sure you’re ready to be married after only a couple of months?  How are you in love after a week?  How are you sure you’re ready to give your life to someone after such a short amount of time?

Too many people confuse loneliness, need, and lust with true love and pure adoration.  I remember during my high school years, I was always in “love” and always sure it would last forever.  I’m sure most people go through a phase similar to that.  The thing is, most people also grow out of it once they leave high school and enter the real world.  Most people develop this silly thing called common sense and most people use that common sense to avoid situations like this one.

I’ve only met the guy once, and while I don’t enjoy passing judgment on people, I don’t think this guy should be getting married and becoming a step-dad to two children; he strikes me as the type who can barely take care of himself.  From what was said this weekend, he claims that people who are suggesting he wait are all “jealous” of the love he has found.  I have to wonder if he understands how much work goes into a marriage, especially one that comes with kids.  If this marriage does happen, I see a divorce in the near future.

Go ahead and get engaged if you’re in a hurry, but hold off on the legalities!  Try living together for a while first and discover all the quirks and weird habits you didn’t know existed.  Go on a trip together and see if you still enjoy each other.  Go grocery shopping together and see if you can agree on what type of food to buy.  Compare movie and music collections and try and picture them combined on one shelf.  GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER!! If you’re truly ready to commit a lifetime of love to one person, there shouldn’t be any need to rush to the altar.


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  1. “Most people develop this silly thing called common sense and most people use that common sense to avoid situations like this one.”

    This made me laugh at loud because it is so completely false. People are idiots. And they raise van-loads of tiny idiots that keep the world three breaths away from blowing itself up.


  2. mrsjamiecbaker

    hahahaha you really ARE in a foul mood today! Seriously though, how hard is it to take a step back and say “wow, I’m rushing into things, I need to slow down for a minute and use this thing I call a brain.”

  3. maybe he can’t take care of himself but he expects her to do so? maybe she immediately started pressuring him into marrying her and because he can’t find anything else a’la he’s whipped he’s settling for what he can get?

    maybe they are both at the age where they buy what society says and feel they should marry each other?

    maybe there’s no point to my commenting on this blog but since I’m doing nothing else right now I am 😀

    i was ‘dating’ someone who was shocked to find out that i wasn’t planning on marrying her any time in the near future….needless to say that ended up going nowhere…gotta love when a chick says “than what are we doing this for”….apprantly I’m to old for dating or something…iono…

    as your husband said people are idiots and that’s probably really all the depth there is to it.

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