Proud Parent

I woke up today to find a note on the counter from my husband.  It seems that this morning, our son decided toys weren’t exciting enough, so he was messing around with the toy boxes in his room, something he has been told not to do time and time again.  Daddy took his toys and that was that.  I finish with the note and look over at his room.  The door is wide open; not a good sign.  I walk over to his room to see this:

Movies anyone?They look like frisbees!His television and DVD player were on as well, with no picture.  I guess since he couldn’t figure out how to play a movie, he decided to play WITH the movies.  But where is my kid?  I turn around to see the bathroom light on and the door closed.  I open the door and find my kid standing by the towel rack in nothing but his pajama shirt.  His hair is greasy with who knows what substance and sticking up in all directions.  It smells like menthol and bad cologne.

WTFI can’t show the picture of my kid since he’s naked from the waist down, but trust me, he was a mess.  So my day starts out by bathing the vicks vapo-rub, hair gel, Cars cologne, and antibiotic cream off of my kid.  Afterwards, I get to clean up all the crap he squirted on the bathroom floor and hunt down the DVDs that were out of their cases.  Kid gets fed and I get showered.  Then it’s off to work.

Of course, on the ride to his daycare he says things like “You’re the best mommy in the world!”  “I love you and daddy the best!”  The kid knows how to kiss up.  He tells me he will be on his “best behavior” at school.  He finishes off by giving me the biggest hug and kiss when I drop him off.



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  1. Lol, that kid knows how to play you like a violin.

  2. lmgdfao. You could cut off the lower half of his body and post the picture if you really wanted to….but lmao again

    kids do that kind of shit because there kids of coure BUT also because they are crying out for attention…which he got based on his latter sucking up to you….

    and one last time i say…lol

    • mrsjamiecbaker

      haha it wouldn’t have been so funny if YOU had to clean it up! 🙂 He’s a sweet kid though, and he always KNOWS when he does something wrong. Sometimes he’ll do things and all I can do is shake my head

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