Today has officially gone to shit.  It started out poorly due to waking up before my alarm went off after a night of terrible sleep, then road construction making me late for work, combined with the soreness from our weekend in Chicago making me totally unmotivated.  That being said, I made an effort to focus on today being Tuesday and not Monday and only having 2 more work days until the weekend.  Yay for positive thinking?

I KNOW people out there have actual problems that make my whining look even sillier than it truly is.  This really isn’t the worst day I’ve ever had and isn’t the worst day I’ll have this year.  I just feel like complete and total crap.  I need to be home right now, away from people.  I miss my husband.  I miss the pup.  Hell, I miss the boy.

The thing that is making my day difficult really has little to do with the problems I had this morning.  I’m simply tired and I have no desire to waste what little energy I have on being nice to people who don’t deserve it.  Sadly, my desk is right at the front door and I have no choice but to smile and greet every joker who enters.  On top of all those people, I have one coworker who, while seeing I am busy, insists on standing 2 centimeters from me and asking me stupid questions.  Another coworker keeps calling me on issues that have NOTHING to do with me.  I may punch someone soon.

My hands are covered in purple ink and I’m not quite sure how that happened.  A website I need is currently giving me shit; it keeps asking me to reset my password and once it is reset, tells me it’s wrong and requests I reset it again.  I would love to call the 800 number to get it fixed, but sadly I am trying to call Comcast during my free moments to get my service turned off before they charge me again.  Comcast seems to be unable to assist me; they either put me on hold forever or tell me their system is down and to call back tomorrow.

This fat stinky old lady is standing up at my desk even though I told her twice to please have a seat and she will be called back when the doctor is ready for her.  How hard is it to understand?  Sit your ass down; standing up at my desk does not make anything go faster and only annoys me and blocks other patients from checking in or out.  Before her, I had this guy that was leaning so far over my desk, I was afraid he would fall on my keyboard.  Maybe he thought I was hard of hearing and I needed him to be 3 inches from my ear so I could hear him, I’m not sure.

End Rant.


About Jamie C. Baker

“Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” - Kevin Smith

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  1. He just wanted to smell you, Jamie.

    • mrsjamiecbaker

      Ugh. You know, that is one of the things that creeps me out the most. My husband will do it om purpose sometimes to bug me. It reminds me of those movies where the pervert/bad guy will get close to a female and sniff her. I can’t stand it 🙂

  2. you really shouldn’t work in customer service…lmao

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