Someone has been naughty!

A friend of mine, fake name Michelle, has been texting back and forth with a patient seen in the office she works at, fake name Brian.  The first text messages were fairly innocent and started because she thinks he is attractive.  They are both married.

The first set of messages had to do with meeting for lunch at a restaurant close to the office.  He invited her as well as some of the other girls in the office.  They all agreed to meet him but backed out at the last minute.  Michelle didn’t want to go alone since it would seem like a date, so she texted him back and told him “Sorry, we have an office meeting and I can’t go to lunch, don’t wait up!”

Meet me in the champagne room

The next day, Michelle received some more texts from Brian.  They talked back and forth for a bit, and then Brian asked for her to send him a picture.  She replied back asking what kind of picture and he requested topless.  According to her, she didn’t send it and I am inclined to believe her.  Brian ended up missing his appointment for the following day due to a death in the family.  Or maybe embarrassment?

Things were quiet for a few days until today.  The two were texting back and forth about last weekend; there was an event where they saw each other, Brian was with his wife, and they were discussing how fun it was.  The conversation led to Brian’s hidden artistic talent.  Michelle expressed interest in seeing it and Brian responded that it would have to be in private.  She responded saying the two of them alone might be “dangerous.”  The text she received back was from the guy’s wife.  It stated “I don’t know who you think this is, but this is Brian’s phone and he is married!”

In a panic, Michelle texted back that it was a wrong number and she was very sorry.  Brian was getting a medical procedure done at the time of this text and will be caught up for an hour or two.  Once he’s done, I’m sure his wife will question him about the text.  And then what happens?  If the wife calls the number, she will get a voicemail with Michelle’s name and she is aware that someone by that name works at the office her husband attends for treatment.  Will she put two and two together?  Will she question her husband?  I know I would.

I’m afraid for Michelle.  She should have known better though.  I don’t know what will happen but I do know what I would do if I was the wife and my husband was talking to some random female in a sexually suggestive way.  Thankfully, I’m not a skank and my husband would never cheat on me, so I have no reason to worry.  I hope Michelle realizes now what she’s gotten herself into.


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  1. lmao..

    don’t people KNOW better than to shit where they eat?

    never mind the fact that they are each least cheat with someone from the outside…der

    ((I don’t condone cheating…but if someone is going to do it they should at least be smart about it))

    • mrsjamiecbaker

      If someone wants to bone multiple people, they need to stay single. Or at least be up front about it! I’d much rather have a guy tell me he wants to date multiple people than be cheated on. At least when I’m told from the get go, I have a choice in the matter. Anyway, the wife is clueless (according to Michelle) and her and Brian decided to stop texting and talking. For now. *sigh*

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