I haven’t been on here in a long while!  Reason being, I left my job at Health 1st and lost all that time around a computer.  My reasoning for leaving was pretty simple; I was promised a raise and a promotion, and after waiting for 5 months and watching 2 other employees get their raises, I had enough and went job hunting!

I am not a fan of searching for employment.  I can’t stand interviews and I hate filling our applications when I come prepared with a resume.  After leaving Health 1st, I began a job with JMJ & Associates.  The job was advertised as a marketing manager position.  Turns out it was sales.  Kirby vacuum sales.  Yes, I was going door to door in the summer heat doing demonstrations for strangers on how the Kirby works and why they should drop two grand on it.  I sold about 8 of them within a three week period.  Would have been nice if not for the 14 + hour days and the fact that my team leader screwed up my paperwork and killed my commissions.  I walked away from that job with only $425 earned.

After leaving there, I interviewed and scored a job at Leitz Out Enterprises, who work with AT&T.  Again, it was advertised as sales and marketing manager.  The second portion of my interview involved going “out in the field.”  Turns out, it was more door to door crap, only this time there was a list of homes to go to.  Garbage.  I got out of there as soon as I could.

As luck would have it, there was a job opening up in the office my mother-in-law worked in.  She gave my resume to her boss and I scored a job as Chief Assistant without an interview or a phone call.  I’m making more money than any job I’ve had before (unless you count the VERY good weeks I had serving/bartending, but that’s not consistent cash) and I have barely any work to do!  Now that I’ve remembered I have this little blog, I’m sure I’ll be running my mouth on here once again.  Although I doubt anyone has missed me too much!  😉


About Jamie C. Baker

“Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” - Kevin Smith

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  1. OMG them phony (or just hella misleading) “sales” jobs annoy the shit out of me…but Jah does his research before hand…like this one thing “vector marketing” keeps showing up on a job search site..I googled..and they sell knives. If you call them they won’t tell you that because they want to sucker you into wasteing your time. Most of those sales positions won’t level with you unless you know how to get the truth out of them.

    I was wondering a while back what happened to you..figured you just abandoned this like other sites you blogged on 😀

    you know me…as long as you post things I feel I have something to say about, add to, or just think I can get away with posting some nonsense in response to…I will do.

    I miss any opportunity to spread MY agenda on other peoples pages and such…hahahahah

    good that wadeing through the shit got you to a place you like again…or whatever.


  2. Porn is technically illegal on the federal level I think

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