Tuna Melt My Heart

Day 2: November 16, 2010:
After finally falling asleep, I am happy to say that I slept through the entire night, something I have not been able to do in some time now! I woke up feeling less groggy and cranky than usual. Breakfast consisted of a banana and a strawberry, and I have a snack of granola, assorted nuts and raisins to keep me busy throughout the day. For lunch, we had cucumber pizza with greek yogurt and seasonings, all raw. Dinner consisted of tuna sandwiches on cracked wheat pita bread and a hard boiled egg. My son had the same dinner as we did plus apple slices, as we are taking steps to improve his diet as well. I fought off the temptation to grab a bite of chocolate or some ice cream after dinner, which I have to admit was very hard. I don’t plan on cutting sweets out forever, but in the beginning I want to avoid them.

Our goal with this “raw” diet is not to stop cooking food entirely, as you can tell from our dinner, but to introduce more fresh foods into our diet and retain their nutrients by not cooking them when possible. This has been interesting for me because of my relationship with fruit and vegetables. I have nothing against fruit but I’ve never been one to walk into a store and think “wow, those apples look delicious!” I hate cutting fruit up and I never have a desire to eat it unless it’s given to me for whatever reason. As far as veggies go, I prefer them smothered in cheese (or ranch if uncooked). Not the best way to eat them, but it’s so delicious! Over the past 2 days, I’ve eaten more fruit and veggies (without the junk toppings) than I’ve probably consumed in 2 weeks time.

I read an article recently about a nutrition professor that went on a Twinkie diet; he kept his calories at 1800 a day eating Twinkies, Doritos, and other snack foods as 2/3rds of his diet, while the other third was veggies and other actual healthy foods. He doesn’t recommend this diet, but he did lose 27 pounds. In a perfect world, I would be able to use this professor’s method and go on a Combos & chocolate diet, lose weight, gain muscle, and be the healthiest 29 year old in existence! I have tried diets where I simply monitor my calorie intake and still eat what I feel like, and it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried the mini meals every 3 hours, the low/no carb craze, Slim Fast in the mornings, and a whole variety of things to both lose weight and maintain a weight. Nothing works, and I’ve realized that the reason for this is that the diets always end and I go back to eating “normally” again, or they are awful and I quit them early. I keep calling this a diet, but is in fact a lifestyle change that I plan on keeping for the long haul. The bottom line is, I don’t take care of myself the way I should. The things I was eating weren’t good for me, but I didn’t care because they were cheap, easy, and readily available.

Hopefully this diet change will result in the both of us being more healthy and losing some weight! I don’t feel like posting my weight on here, being a chick and all, but it’s not a number I am happy with. If things go as planned, I’ll do a big, cheesy reveal later on, but now is not the time. I’ve already seen a change in my sleeping pattern and my mood, which I can attribute to the new foods and the vitamin supplements I’ve been taking. I’ve resisted the urge to snack after dinner. I feel physically lighter and I can see some physical changes; minor as they may be, they are there.


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  1. I’m up to a sickening 212..I should really be quite ashamed of that..if I stopped drinking so much damn soda…i wouldn’t be such a fat ass. 😛

    after reading the blog after this one..your subject header made me think this was going to be crying out for the tuna…because well..if you didn’t know tuna are treated pretty damned terribly too. You think cows have it bad…oi vey. Some may go as far as to say fish are tortured worse than the land animals…some hippie militant peta loving vegans book I read…went off about how being a vegetarian and eating fish is hypocrisy…why I read that book..I dunno..but it had the same temporary effect on me that you got from reading food inc. But with me…I’m far to lazy to worry about how my food gets to me..or more importantly..I keep the negative thoughts out of my mind…it did however put me on a kick of wanting to ask restaurants where they were getting their beef….of course i didn’t but the desire was there. I can’t remember what it was that was the less cruel beef…..but I did learn free range does not mean better treatment by a whole lot

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