More Italian Than The Jersey Shore, Bitch!

Day 3: November 17, 2010
Another “blissful” night slept through; I ended up making camp on our couch at around 11:30pm due to my husband lightly snoring and the dog putting his cold nose on my feet. I don’t know why, but my brain seems to process sounds differently when I am trying to sleep. I can have the television or radio blaring and it will relax me, but the slightest noise from my hubby or the pup dog is the equivalent of the sound of a helicopter landing on my bedroom floor while a jackhammer knocks down a wall revealing a practicing rock band on the other side. It is the loudest, most distracting thing in the world, but only when I am trying to sleep. Since my poor hubby can’t help that he snores and can sleep through MY snoring, I figured the best thing for me would be to grab the couch for a night and let the pup have my spot on the bed.

I’m happy to report that my picky not-a-morning-person child ate his entire breakfast this morning without complaint! He had ants on a log, crackers with honey and peanut butter, strawberries, string cheese, and chocolate milk. Breakfast for me was oatmeal, slices of kiwi, and acai juice with coconut water. For lunch I made a salad with a tablespoon of Italian cheese and a teaspoon of feta, a chopped strawberry, cherry tomatos, tofu, peppers and onions with a fat free Italian salad dressing, and one large whole wheat cracker. The hardest part about the dressing was keeping it under 2 tablespoons; I prefer a drowned salad covered in cheese and croutons! Dinner is organic bean soup with meatless Italian sausage. Come to think of it, I’m having a very Italian day!

Make no mistake, I have not gone vegetarian or anything like that, although I will admit that the steaks we put in the fridge to defrost Sunday night (and threw out last night) disgusted me when I saw them yesterday, but by no means does that mean I’m giving up on meat! I asked for a gift card for Whole Foods for Christmas, which I hope I get, and the plan is to grab some organic meaty goodness there from properly raised and fed animals. I have the images from those movies burned into my brain; the animals shoved into a small space, stepping on each other and covered in filth, workers throwing the animals around like they’re nothing, the cow that was so weak and fattened up that it couldn’t walk on its back legs, they were bent at horrible angles and the cow just cried. It may not make sense, but I’m perfectly fine with killing an animal for food, I just don’t see the need for that animal to be treated like shit between birth and becoming dinner. It’s not right. My switch won’t have more effect on the industry than a blink of an eye, but at least I feel confident that I’m supporting the right side of things.


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  1. breakfast of champions for your son…goood lawd

    straberrys in of those things that sounds weird but is usually pretty good..

    i still haven’t watched food inc…now you’re making me NOT want to watch be fair…animals don’t all get treated horribly…peta pisses me off because they ONLY show the horrible treatment and not the places where animals are treated with dignity BUT…the way cows are killed is pretty horrible still…even if it is supposedly the most humane way to do it…and chickens..they get treated the worst of all…but people LOOOOVE their chicken.

    shopping at whole foods is the first step to admitting you’re a tree hugging liberal hippie….after that you’re not to far from that short lived abc animated sitcom the goode will find yourself only listening to npr….and if it’s brown flush it down..if it’s yellow keep it mellow…hahahaha 😉

    you do what you gotta do for yourself though…damn the torpedoes…..just don’t become those people who go to an all you can eat place (read buffet) and sit there eating salad…as you talk LOUDLY about how disgusting you think meat is and people who eat it lie..I experienced that when I was younger….the people to me came off as ignorant retards…by all means I don’t mind the militant vegans or vegetarians..but I just don’t need to hear them preach their beliefs at me….than they are just as bad as the religious zelots…and I don’t think anyone likes those people (including themselves)


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