Week One = Done!

End of Week One: November 21, 2010

We did it! I’m very proud of my husband and myself for finishing the week out without falling victim to fast food. It’s tradition for my mother-in-law to buy birthday dinner, so we did go out to eat on the 18th. We planned to go to Yuki to get some sushi, but upon arrival we found out they had shut down. I’m heartbroken, it seems that whenever the hubby and I find something we love it closes down or is discontinued! (RIP Tava) We decided to go to Sapporo instead. My husband went for the steak, but I stuck with seafood as I’m not yet ready for cow. The sea scallops and sushi was amazing and I made sure I didn’t overindulge. We were naughty at the movies and ordered popcorn, but a movie isn’t right without it! We went to see Skyline and Harry Potter, both great films! I was surprised that Harry Potter was sold out for a 1pm show on a Sunday though. (if you’re wondering, Skyline wasn’t what I was expecting from the previews, but they did stay away from the cheesy typical alien movie ending. Harry Potter had a lot of laughs, a couple sad moments, and the whole Emma Watson topless thing was nothing like it was made out to be, sorry boys!)

I’m very happy to report that I’ve lost 5 pounds this week! If not for my relentlessly annoying pup dog, I could probably say I’m sleeping through the night, as he is the only thing that disrupts my sleep lately. Remembering to take vitamins has been a minor challenge. I’m taking A, C, calcium, niacin, coenzyme Q10, and a multivitamin every day, and prior to last week I was taking only the multivitamin when I remembered (once or twice a week). I couldn’t make the banana thing last, but I did get some dehydrated banana chips instead. There is no more bad snacking at night or randomly throughout the day; if I get hungry I grab some water or eat a few cashews or peanuts, anything healthy that I can keep at 100 calories or less. I’m guessing we should start to see some extra cash in our pockets since we won’t be grabbing fast food or going to the store at work. The Halloween candy and my jalapeno Combos in the pantry have been untouched all week. I can’t bring myself to throw out my Combos, even though I know I should, they’re just so yummy!

This wasn’t the best time of year to start a diet. Thanksgiving will be here in a few days and my momma-in-law has a 28 pound turkey waiting to be cooked up. Cooking for an army doesn’t do justice to what she will end up preparing. There will be a total of 5 adults and 1 child for a meal that could feel dozens! The hubby and I are planning to make at least half of our meal out of the raw veggie plate and the fruit she’ll have out prior to the actual meal. No going back for seconds on the turkey and potatoes this year. No taking leftovers home. No dessert. It’s going to be tough, but we pre-warned her about it all. For Christmas, she’ll be cooking a brunch for us, so I need to come up with some ways now that we can make it through that without ingesting 1200 calories in one sitting. I hate that I love biscuits and gravy so much!

One of the new challenges for us is finding better ways to eat well when eating out. Having the internet on my phone is a huge help; I can pull up nutritional info on most restaurant menus within a couple minutes. Most places will let you sub side items out, so I can add steamed veggies when available. I’m learning to eat salad without dressing or with only a tablespoon. Most restaurant dishes are 1000+ calories, so only eating half the dish in one sitting is also a new commitment of mine. Another challenge is dealing with coworkers. I get a lot of “why aren’t you ordering Chinese today?” or “what are you eating and why are you eating that?” The couple times I’ve said “my husband and I are trying to eat better” I’ve gotten attitude back in response. Hey, you asked, I answered. I don’t need to explain myself to you, I’m not commenting on your diet, and I’m not one of those people who’s going to try and get everyone to do what I’m doing because it’s oh so amazing. I talk about it openly here because no one is forced to read this. Elsewhere, it’s my business and unless you ask, I’m not volunteering information. Although, if the end result of this diet is the thing of miracles, I may start telling everybody.


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