Greetings, Sports Fans!

*The following is based solely on personal experience, not on whatever the norm may be.  I’m not claiming to know how everyone acts, this is based on the people I’ve been exposed to.

Last night, my husband and I were watching game 2 of the Bulls vs Heat.  The first game was a pretty hard loss for the Heat, but they managed to beat the Bulls last night in what I thought was barely a victory.  The Bulls held the Heat to the same amount of points as game 1, but weren’t able to match that game in scoring which cost them the game.  They didn’t get blown out, they didn’t get embarrassed or outplayed, and they’re still a great team.  Hell, they wouldn’t have made it as far as they have, and have the best coach in the NBA as well as the MVP, if they weren’t a great team.

That being said, I got to read all sorts of colorful garbage on twitter last night and this morning.  The Bulls suck.  Rose sucks.  Noah plays like garbage.  They are a horrible team.  They suck dick.  They blow.  And so on and so forth.  Mostly from Heat fans who think Lebron James is God’s gift to basketball or bitter fans of other teams who are out for the season.  I get to work today and the first thing I hear is “Go Bulls, ha ha ha, they played awful” from a soldier with a potato shaped head who has been giving me shit ever since I went to see the Bulls vs Pacers back in March.  He did shut up though when I asked him how the Pacers have been playing.

This is what bothers me:  The Bulls do not suck.  Like them or not, if they sucked and played like garbage, they would not still be playing this season.  They would not have MVP and Coach of the Year.  They are currently 1-1 in the series against the Heat, so obviously they are not getting their asses handed to them like some people are saying, nor are they on the verge of losing it all.

I grew up in New York/Connecticut and I was big on the Yankees and the Rangers.  As a result, everyone who lived in Boston or who liked their teams didn’t like me so much.  As rowdy as fans can be up in that area (especially hockey fans) it was a rarity for me to hear “Yankees suck cock!” or anything else along those lines.  Of course there was shit talking, but it was always directed at specific plays or player performance; something legit that made sense and phrased in such a way that didn’t sound like a 7 year old with a deep voice was yelling at me.

I don’t care about trash talking, I truly don’t.  What bothers me is that these assholes that have been talking trash about the Bulls honestly have NOTHING to say about their performance and their accomplishments, so they have to resort to being children and saying that the team “ain’t shit” or are “faggots” or something equally as intelligent.  Bottom line, all you idiots that throw around retarded insults such as those are only doing so because you can’t actually talk trash about a team that has had a great season because there’s nothing to talk trash about.  The same thing happens when people argue and one person knows they are wrong, but won’t admit it, so they call the other guy an asshole and walk away.  You KNOW you’re beat, so the only thing you have left to do is talk trash that makes no sense.  Unless Boozer is actually off somewhere sucking dick and wearing a dress, the stuff you’re saying is ridiculous and pathetic.

I love New York fans and I love Colts fans because they act respectful and when it’s time to get rowdy and cut up, they do it right (with the exception of the occasional drunk who will spout off nonsense).  Talking trash back and forth is a part of any sporting event and it’s fun!  But come on, people, can we please grab a thesaurus and get a little creative?  Maybe pay attention to the game a bit?  Because if all you have to say about the Bulls is they suck/are gay, it’s obvious you can’t come up with a valid reason that they are a bad team and it might be time to shut your mouth and maybe repeat the 5th grade and expand your vocabulary.


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