Blinding Intelligence

For the first time since becoming a part of the working force, I don’t have piles of work to be done at my job.  I have very few responsibilities and what I do have can easily be done in a short amount of time.  It’s nice, but boring at the same time.  Since I tend to go a bit crazy if I don’t have a lot to do, I look elsewhere for side projects to add to my to-do list at the office.  One of the soldiers, who is no longer in our office and who I assisted with a project a few months back, allowed me to begin scheduling video conferences for distance training.  It’s incredibly easy; I have to fill out two forms and email them over to the help desk who sets up the conference.  After it’s set, I forward the dial-up information to all the participants.  I’ve done this for teleconferences for months, so I was already familiar with the process.

I was setting up video conferences for about two months when we ran into an issue.  A major in my office set up her own video training classes during a week that we had other video classes already scheduled in our classroom.  She didn’t check with anyone first, nor did she inform anyone.  Since her class included people who traveled in from out of state, the classes I set up had to be moved.  On Tuesday of this week, a member of the accounting team realized she sent a video conference request to the wrong person, thinking it was me.  She called me when she discovered her error and I set up the conference.  It was pretty frustrating though to see these mistakes being made, but I was glad that I wasn’t the one making them.

Yesterday, all of the people who teach the video training classes met in the conference room by my desk.  They were discussing those two errors and trying to find out what had gone wrong.  One soldier kept insisting that all errors were because of me.  I had to be making a mistake somewhere.  Here’s my thing:  this soldier managed the calendar which lists all classes in our classroom, so he would be the one that would know of any scheduling conflicts.  I asked multiple people for viewing permissions for this calendar on multiple occasions and he never granted them, so sadly I was never able to see what classes were scheduled when except for the ones I personally set up.  Since he never allowed me to view it, and since the other soldier who double booked the room never told a soul what she was doing, I fail to see how it was my fault that she took the room when we had other things scheduled in it.  Second, the accounting team failed to inform me that they had an upcoming class and sent the original request to the wrong person (but they did CC the soldier who is blaming me, so who dropped the ball here?)  Since she didn’t tell me anything until Tuesday, I also fail to see how it is my fault that she submitted something to me late which resulted in the request also being sent late.  Plus, in the end it wasn’t a problem because I got the Thursday video conference set up by Tuesday afternoon, plenty of time to inform the states who would be involved.

If I screw up, I’ll take full responsibility and get it fixed.  But I didn’t screw up here!  This morning, one of the girls who does video training told me that I will no longer be setting up the classes and asks me if anyone told me that.  No, no one told me a damn thing!  What I don’t get here is why I get this responsibility taken away from me like I did something wrong.  I did nothing wrong here.  The simple solution to me would be to have me get viewing permissions to the calendar so nothing gets overbooked, get a listing of upcoming classes from everyone so I know what is upcoming and can ensure submissions get to me on time, and for the person who double booked the room (and everyone else) to understand that she can’t do that; she needs to check with the calendar manager prior to scheduling anything to ensure the room is open.  But no, their solution was to take me out of the equation as if I was the one who did something wrong.  This bothers me not because I’ll miss the work, but because it makes me look like a fuck-up.  And I didn’t fuck up.

What irks me further is that I was told in an offhand way that I would no longer be doing it.  They had decided this yesterday during their meeting, yet none of them thought to mention it to me, even though they all had to walk by my desk as they exited the conference room.  None of them asked for my input, none of them gave me the courtesy of an explanation, I basically got shit on for doing exactly what I should have been doing.  I got penalized for the mistakes of other people.  Someone had to be blamed and I feel like I was the easiest person to blame.  Well, I don’t see how anything that happened is my doing and I’m not about to sit here and let people look at me as the one who caused all these issues to happen.

Next week, when everyone who was in the meeting is back from leave, I believe I am going to have to say something.  I’m not happy with the way this played out and I don’t think I should have to let it slide as if it was nothing.  I’d feel differently if I had been able to speak in their meeting and I’d feel differently if I was properly approached or even questioned about what happened.  None of that happened and it’s just not right.  I don’t give a damn if I’m important in the eyes of my coworkers or not, the bottom line is I am not a doormat and I’m not going to allow them to treat me like one.


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