Take Me To Another Place

My husband and I went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee last weekend for a belated 30th birthday getaway for me.  It was absolutely wonderful and I’m already eager to return.  We rented a cabin and took the day off on Friday to drive down.  Here’s a glimpse of our weekend:

This was the longest car ride our pup dog Ripley has ever been on.  My husband got a screen to place behind our seats in order to keep him in the back.  It didn’t work as well as we had hoped.

We started to get very excited once we caught a glimpse of the mountains.  My ears kept popping on the drive.

I’ve always wanted a pool table!  My husband wiped the floor with me, but I love to play.

Rustic, but we still managed to snag a cabin with an Xbox and a flat screen TV.

A girl could definitely get used to this view!  We had a giant deck, complete with a hot tub that we took full advantage of.

“Please do not climb on wall or sea serpent.”  I love mini golf!  This was one of our first stops in Pigeon Forge on Saturday.

My hubby conquered the dragon, but I conquered the game! (by 4 strokes)  We began on the more difficult course, but ran into a 7 member family roadblock, so we jumped holes and ended on the easy course.

Time for ribs, burgers, and hot dogs!  We brought all our own food so we could minimize how often we ate out.  Of course, we ended up bringing too much and couldn’t resist stopping at Big Daddy’s Pizzeria for some great eats.  That place is amazingly delicious; everything is fresh and there is no freezer on the premises.  Their food ranks up there with Giordano’s.

Possibly the coolest stuff I had zero chance of winning.  Gotta love those damn claw machines.  I did manage to get myself some spy sunglasses with the tickets we won at this giant arcade!

When in Tennessee!  We found an amazing shop with a lot of leather goods.  My husband got a genuine 100% leather jacket for only $50, I got a leather belt for $6.  Everything down there was priced very low and we picked up a ton of goodies.

Wonderworks was a must see for us.  It’s a bit like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, but with less creepy exhibits and more mind blowing finds.  Plus it’s upside down!

As you walk in, the illusion of an upside down building continues.  Entering the exhibit area, you walk across a bridge that takes you through a spinning tunnel, more intense than any I’ve ever been through.  My favorite part of Wonderworks was a rope course that was over the main part of the building.  The hubby and I got harnessed up and proceeded to walk up a flight of narrow, steep stairs.  Once up, we had to navigate from platform to platform over various tightropes, balance beams and crazy ramps.  It was a bit frightening, a total adrenaline rush, and something I am dying to do again!

As with all good things, the vacation had to come to an end.  We signed the guest book and were on our way back to reality.  I am so grateful to have my husband and to be able to take trips like these with him.  I loved every second of our time there.  As for our next trip… I think I hear Chicago calling our name!


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“Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” - Kevin Smith

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  1. did you go to dollywood? if not…shame

    • Mrs Jamie C. Baker

      We didn’t, but we did have to drive past their lots to get to our cabin, and I don’t think I’d fit in with the rest of the patrons there 🙂

  2. I probably wouldn’t fit in either..but that would be part of the fun or experience for me 😀 (as i LOVE amusement parks…dolly wood has been on the hit list for probably since I first heard about it…and it helps that it has a few kick ass rides..but even without I think I’m destined to one day spend a day or two there and the city of pigeon forge looks interesting or whatever too)

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