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I feel as though my tone on here has been too serious for the past few days.  There has been a lot going on and my husband and I have been working through and getting past some nastiness that was thrown in our direction.  We’ve been heavily involved in a spiritual spring cleaning of sorts since Friday and we’re moving forward with plans to improve on our life in general.  It’s been a positive thing overall, but I’m tired of the seriousness.  I need a change of pace.  For the past couple weeks, I’ve been writing down various quotes from the people I work with.  Now seems a good a time as any to post what I’ve gathered so far.  Enjoy.

“I’m on a diet, so I’m just having a salad.  I forgot sour cream though. Maybe I can have a scoop of ice cream instead?” (5 minutes later) “Well, I put ice cream on the salad, and with the peppers, it turned out pretty good!”

“Oh my God!  Facebook is like the Bible!”

“I was trying to save money of decorations, so I made toilet paper bows. You can’t tell.”

“Do you think I need my boobs?”

“It’s hard… it’s like trying to pat your head and clap your hands at the same time.”

“So like, I don’t think it’s actually stalking if the person doesn’t know you’re stalking them.”

“I have coffee Frito breath, it’s disgusting, and I went to talk to Don this morning and it was so bad that he walked away while I was talking.”

Girl:  “Why was there a spider the size of my dog in my kitchen this morning?”  Guy:  “Maybe you need to clean your kitchen?”  Girl:  “Umm… no!  Spiders like it when you mop, it won’t help.”

“Mexican chocolate is darker than American chocolate.  It has to do with the atmosphere.”

“There’s a little man inside me.  Or maybe my necklace is just on too tight.”

“I love him more than a room full of rocking chairs!”

“Can you send a fax on the fax machine?”

“I think I should get an STD, it would make me more interesting.”

“Cubed chicken isn’t real.  You don’t kill a chicken and have it come apart in cubes, now do you?  That cubed chicken stuff is all chemicals and plastic. The only real chicken you can buy is one that isn’t taken apart!”

Girl 1:  “I need you to tease my hair” Girl 2:  “Is that like flossing?”


About Jamie C. Baker

“Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” - Kevin Smith

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