We’re All Adults. Sort Of.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or skims through my blogs is well aware of my work nemesis.  One of the blogs referencing her is  For purposes of this blog, I will continue calling her Paula Deen, as her face reminds me of her and because I have a teeny tiny bit of respect for people’s privacy.  From the day I began working here, she’s been nothing but horrible.  Very immature, as referenced in the former blog about her little note war.  She’s a rude pig, a very nosy gossip, a liar, a braggart, and every single day I walk into this office I hope to not see her at her desk.

Over the past couple weeks there have been three or four occasions where someone has asked Paula Deen about the office supplies.  Supplies are something I track, but she is the one who actually calls the order in and she also has a supply cabinet directly in front of her desk.  When I hear people ask her a supply question, I always turn around and answer it.  I’ve also send an email out monthly asking if anyone needs specific items and to please see me regarding anything supply related.  People ask her because she’s 3 feet away from their face when they are digging through the cabinet and it’s only natural to ask the person right in front of you.

Today it became too much for her when someone made a joke about how quickly we go through pencils.  She printed out a note statingSUPPLIES:  If you have supply questions, see JAMIE! and taped it to the cabinet.  When I walked by and saw it, I tore it off.  I don’t want any note posted around the office with my name on it.  It makes me look like I posted it, it’s unnecessary, childish, and it made me fear I would be associated with the mystery person who prints the “stop cracking your gum” notes.  As soon as Paula Deen came back from break and saw the note was gone, she threw a fit.  First she stomped around, then she began whisper-yelling to a friend, and finally she printed up a new paper, same information, and using packing tape, taped it to the cabinet securely while making as much noise as possible.

My initial reaction was to tape it to her damn computer monitor, but I’m an adult.  Mostly.  I tore the new note off and put a note of my own on her keyboard stating “Please do not post notes in the office with my name on them.  If the supply questions are that much of an issue, please send out an email to the office.”  It was the most reasonable thing I could think of to do.  She came back from lunch, noticed her note was gone, saw MY note, and said “Oh, so THIS is how we’re going to play it!”   After spending 30 minutes or so stomping around the office like a child, she sent me an email stating “I have sent out several emails reference the supplies, I have requested a meeting with Mr. Bossman.”  First off, if she has ever sent out an email, she forgot to include me on the listing, something difficult to do since we have an email distribution list for the office that is accessed at the push of 2 keys.  Second of all, why is Paula Deen’s first instinct to go whine to my boss?  He is the branch chief and is over 64 people and you think he feels like wasting time on this??  I thought my solution was perfectly rational, but I was also a bit nervous about this meeting.

An hour later, she got her meeting.  She walked into Bossman’s office, slamming the door behind her.  5 minutes later she came stomping out, followed by an extended period of more stomping and sulking.  She moved her computer monitor and keyboard so I am no longer in her eyeline.  Once the fit was over, she sent an email out to the office stating “SUPPLIES – if you have any requests or questions about office supplies, please see/email JAMIE.”  Funny, wasn’t that my suggestion in the first place?  Also funny that I received that email with no problem, while these other emails she claims to have sent did not reach me.

I got to talk to my boss later on and discovered that she had gone in there and claimed that I am very mean to her (something he discredited because he can hear just about every interaction I have regardless of how quiet I am) and that I never talk to anyone (someone he also acknowledged wasn’t true, as he can hear my pleasant conversations with many people).  I told my boss that I am aware Paula Deen doesn’t like me but it’s not something that bothers me, as I can get along with anyone and I go out of my way to avoid confrontations in the office to maintain a peaceful work environment.  He ended by stating that he just wished to make me aware of their conversation and to keep smiling.

Paula Deen, a woman close to entering her 60s, who has had the same job for almost 36 years, should be someone who can handle themselves properly in an office.  I bitch about my coworkers away from the office in order to keep my sanity and to prevent myself from getting so angry that I say or do something out of line.  I use my ipod to block out annoyances whenever possible and I keep personal information personal to avoid becoming the subject of any gossip.  I say good morning/evening and I’m the first to assist anyone who needs it.  That’s how I like to work and that is all I expect from my fellow coworkers; basic pleasantries and the ability to do their job without adding drama.  If an issue arises, I prefer to discuss it like adults rather than start a note/email war like children.  If it’s minor, I’ll just ignore it.  Paula Deen is sadly set in her ways and is content being a drama queen and dragging anyone and everyone into it.  The unfortunate thing is, even when I’m rid of this lady, there will always be another silly drama queen or king to take her place.  Grow up, people.


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  1. Chris slaughter

    no matter how old a person is does not change the fact that most are immature. it seems to me as an outsider that chub-o has settled in her role in life, gossip queen. sounds like your boss is aware of it and everyone else around the office is also. so keep your head held high in knowing you are the better person, even though she is the bigger one!

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