99 Problems

I wasn’t in the greatest mood during the drive to work this morning.  Right before leaving work yesterday, I caught my office nemesis talking trash about me with another member of our staff who is someone I’ve gone outside the scope of my job description to assist multiple times.  I expect this type of behavior from my nemesis but not from the other woman.  It was upsetting to know that someone I go out of my way to do things for would start with the “Oh my GAWD did you hear what Jamie did?!?!?”  It put me off from wanting to be in this office today and I was pretty grumpy.

Once arriving, I felt a bit silly, as my nemesis is out today and the other staff member apologized to me and explained that she wasn’t actually saying anything bad, she just brought it up because the issue that happened with me was something she’s done as well.  But what really made me feel dumb for stressing about high school drama was when I spoke with “D,” a janitorial staff member in the building.  D is a pretty cool guy; he’s an artist and he’s drawn things for my family such as a Jack Sparrow poster for my son, Superman and various Marvel characters for my husband, and Silk Spectre for me.  He’s one of the few people in this building that I have nothing but good things to say about.

D came in this morning to empty our trash not looking like his normal cheery self.  No sneaking up on people as usual, no big smile.  One of the other girls in my office asked him what was wrong and it sounded serious, so when he came back around to my desk I asked if everything was okay.  It turns out that last night, D’s niece was shot three times by her boyfriend.  She is currently in the hospital in a coma.  Looking at D’s face when he let me know this was shocking as well; I’ve never seen him so full of hate and rage before.  Before walking out of my office, he let me know that the only thing this boyfriend has to worry about now is him.

I’m worried about him and his large family, afraid that he’ll end up doing something foolish to the boyfriend, and hopeful that she comes out of the coma and will be all right.  I feel like an idiot for worrying about my petty bullshit when I have a friend who is dealing with the possible loss of a loved one, a young girl, and the anger towards the person who committed this act of violence.  I’m determined to spend the rest of my day being happy and grateful that my problems, as big as they may seem sometimes, are nothing so serious that they can’t be solved quickly and instantly forgotten.  There’s no time today to waste on juvenile nonsense, especially when I have so much to be happy for.

If you pray, please pray for D.  If you want to shoot some positive karma and good thoughts his way, please do so.  If there’s any help you wish to offer, I’ll pass it along.


About Jamie C. Baker

“Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” - Kevin Smith

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  1. Isn’t it silly how small our problems seem when we look at the big picture? I don’t see how people can be so cold hearted!

    I will keep her in my prayers! Keep us updated on what happens!

  2. Also, Mr D. is a part time artist for Marvel Comics. Don’t forget to mention that.

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