I Got The Moves Like Jagger

The stage collapsing at the Indiana State Fair left a tangled mess of metal not fit for any type of performance by any of the bands scheduled.  A couple acts decided to cancel their show altogether and refund the ticket prices to their fans.  Thankfully, Maroon 5 and Train didn’t choose this route.  Through a lot of scrambling, the event was moved to Conseco Fieldhouse so 12,000 happy fans wouldn’t have to miss out on a show.  The only downside was that seating became general admission, and since we chose to have dinner and drinks at Rock Bottom beforehand, we arrived well after the doors had opened so most of the seats were filled by the time we arrived.

We sat at the top of the club level row on the side of the stage.  It was nice because we were close enough to see what was going on, we had no one behind us, had 4 seats together and we were able to see what was going on behind the scenes when the curtain was still down.  I couldn’t tell you who the opening act was, but I did hear him do a couple of cover songs while we were standing at the giant Coors keg cart ordering a few beers.  It’s important to get the proper beer-face going on for musical events.

After just a few minutes of waiting, the music started.  Naturally, my first thought was that Train was about to take the stage, because as my husband says, “In NO universe should Maroon 5 open for Train.”  Well, in this universe, Maroon 5 opens for Train.  They absolutely killed it.  Their live sound definitely has their CD beat, the music was amazing and they played nearly every song I was looking forward to hearing, the crowd was engaged, Adam played all sides of the arena, and the energy was fabulous!  The 4 of us danced and sang along, with my husband making sure to get in a few “OMG ADAM!!” screams to match the row of teenage girls below us.

After too short of a set, Train took the stage.  They began with an engine and whistle sound that was a pretty bad ass way to open, but that excitement was squashed when the music began.  Nothing against Train, but to repeat what my husband said, in no universe should Maroon 5 open for Train!  I know I would hate to follow an act that had me beat in sound and state presence, and I almost felt a bit bad for Train.  They did end their show on a high note though, and overall the night was fantastic!

The proceeds for the concert, somewhere around $500,000, is being donated to the families of the victims of the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair.  It’s a very nice gesture and I hope as well that some funds are also being donated to the fair itself to help fund the clean up, the rebuild, and the salary of everyone who is having to work extra hours to get all of that work completed quickly and safely.  During the concert, it was announced that anyone may text to donate; text FAIR to 27722 to make a $10 donation. After texting you’ll get a reply back stating: “To confirm your $10 donation to FAIR FUND reply with the word YES.”  After you reply, you’ll get a message back stating: “Thanks! $10 will be charged to your phone bill.”

Goes without saying (but I’m saying it anyway) that we had an absolute blast and were greatly impressed with Maroon 5’s show.  I also have to highly recommend visiting Rock Bottom for drinks and dinner if you’re near Conseco or if you’re around one of their other locations.  Absolutely delicious!  Overall, I think I’m pretty glad that the venue was changed; while I was looking forward to the fair, I think Conseco provided a much better venue.  All good things though must come to an end… now all that’s left for us to do is sit patiently and anticipate the next concert we’ll be attending.  We can’t wait!


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  1. Jahsputin an hbo original movie

    I’m not a fan of either band so my point is moot..BUT in marron 5 has no reason not to open for train. Pretty sure train has been around a bit longer and in certain circles train is definetly more popular…

    but than I hate the artist that calls himself maroon…there ya go 😀 (((i know he’s got a band but i hold him in the same like as chris cabrerra of dashboard confessional…or the bright eyes dude…the one dude IS the band….the rest are auxillary players)))

    • I like them both, but going solely off of the performances last night, Maroon 5 was definitely better. Train’s performance was a bit weak, they had a few cheesy moments, and for some reason the lead singer seemed to think he was a fairy princess and did a lot of what looked like ballet moves. I think Adam from Maroon 5 is a cocky bastard, but the dude can put on a hell of a show. Plus, I can’t really blame him for being cocky after seeing all the chicks in mini dresses and short shorts trying to get his attention from the stands. 😛

  2. Jahsputin an hbo original movie

    oi typos. i don’t even know what that was supposed to say..imo? lol…train is a more musicaly skilled band…but duh doesn’t mean they are neccesarly an exciting band to watch…and…i had another point or comment but it got lost..:D

  3. Jahsputin an hbo original movie

    lmao..who had the tight white pants? does adam wear girl pants? lols

    and i think it’s his cockyness that make me want to bitch slap him…he seems to be so totally full of himself..sure he may be able to back it up..but humility is something worth having..i guess it doesn’t matter though if he’s got the slutty girls into what he does; right? lols…

    • They BOTH were rocking the way too skinny pants, but the dude from Train had weird white ones on.

      Have you watched any episodes of The Voice? Just watching him in the previews (I’ve never watched an episode) makes me irritated at him. Just one of those that I’ll enjoy as a musician but not as a person (goes for actors too)

  4. My beard is not flash-friendly. makes it look weird and fleshy.

  5. I did watch the voice…my mom works with the mom of one of the contestants…vicki martinez…ima name droper woot…

    but yeah..most of my opinion of douchiness came from watching him on the voice…I didn’t like him to begin with…the voice didn’t win any points with him for me..but I’m surely not the target demo as I’m not a female or a frat guy…ha 😀

  6. on a non related to anything i said but what he did point….at least you don’t have ginger beard hairs growing out like mine does…or at least I’m guessing you don’t..i see no ginger in the pics

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