Still Waiting For The Good News

I had an interview on Monday for a different job within my same office for higher pay and a lot more work.  The job is contracted out so I interviewed with an outside party; my boss doesn’t have input over what contractors are hired and wasn’t involved in the process at all.  My resume looked great but I was a bit worried about the interview itself, as I was very nervous.  Still, I have a great record of nailing interviews and scoring job offers.  Unfortunately, I found out today that I didn’t get the position.  It was given to someone else because they had a military background and I do not.

I’m more bummed about the whole thing than I probably should be.  I still have the job I’m currently in and it pays well, plus I am not in danger of losing it as long as the contract continues to be renewed.  My problems with this job though are that there is zero room for advancement and almost no work for me to do.  I don’t enjoy coming to work and not having a large workload or being able to move up in the company.  I don’t enjoy not being able to assist in major projects in the office simply because it’s outside of the scope of my contract, it makes me feel useless.  I think I’m wasting my time here.  If not for the fact that I have a family to worry about, I would have already gone elsewhere for work.  It wouldn’t be fair to them if I flaked on this job.  I just wish that knowing I’m doing good for them would make me feel like this job is actually worth it.  Honestly though, the only good thing about this job is the paycheck and I’m one of those people who doesn’t think that’s enough.

As of today I am officially on the job hunt.  I won’t do anything to put my current position in jeopardy, but I can’t simply sit back and accept defeat.  Ideally I would like to score another position in this building, but I have to be open to outside possibilities as well.  I wouldn’t be able to turn down a job outside this building if the money and hours were right.  I know plenty of people who will think I’m crazy to want to leave a job with less than an hour of work to do per day that pays quite a bit of cash, and maybe they’re right.  Then again, I don’t want to settle for being a secretary for the rest of my life; this job title may be prettied up to sound important but it’s just a secretarial position. I’m better than that and I deserve more.  I want to add more to my job history as I continue my education so that employers have no choice but to snatch me up.

For now I’ll keep my ass in this chair and continue my studies towards earning my Accounting Essentials certificate.  I’ll continue my tedious tasks and try to fill my days with as much schoolwork and job research as possible.  I’ll periodically bitch about not-Paula Deen in order to keep myself from getting up and stabbing her in the face with my letter opener.  And I’ll keep my confidence up and know that this job I’m in now isn’t the end of things and isn’t a permanent station, but merely a pit stop on the road to greatness.

…..or maybe I’ll just win a few million playing the lottery and be able to open a restaurant with my husband…  

Update September 26, 2011:

The contract that I am working on was up for bid and my present company unfortunately lost the bid, meaning that about 40 people are uncertain about their jobs since a new contract will be in effect and a whole new company will be in charge.  Some people were not kept on, but thankfully I was.  I was told my new salary today, and not only is it more than I make now, it’s more than I would have been making if I got the job I applied for.  I’ll be waiting for an “I told you so” from my husband.  🙂


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  1. Ugh. I will hold my tongue to avoid making you mad.

  2. Naaaaaaaaaaaaah no I won’t. Shut up already. You are awesome and it’s one little thing that doesn’t really matter. MOVE ON!

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