Typical Or Over The Top?

Yesterday I saw an article about everyone’s favorite teenager, Courtney Stodden.  It stated she was banned from Facebook for inappropriate pictures.  The page has since been reinstated and Facebook has issued an apology, but the initial reasoning for her getting the boot was because she is a minor and her pictures were simply not okay for a 17-year-old to be posting.  Here’s an example:

The second one contained the caption:  “Sensuously straddling this pillow as sweet fantasies tenderly flutter like butterflies throughout my entire being. ;-)”  If you’ve had the pleasure of reading her Twitter feed, you’ll know that most of her sound bites are in that type of odd alliteration with overly sexual overtones.  Her Twitter account has been mocked by many, done best by Joel McHale, but for the most part it’s all in fun.

To clarify, I am not a fan of Courtney.  That being said, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous what people are saying about her, mainly on her Facebook page.  Some comments include “bitch you gotta dumbass smile on your face. and i would eat your dogs,” “She really seems into herself. I can’t stand people like that. If she’s saying that she’s oh so beautiful, why didn’t she pick a better looking man to be with? Just saying. At any rate, this bitch makes me sick,” “butterfly feelings??? maybe you need another hit you puta,” and “haha sucha stupid bitch! i wanna know what surgeon you went to bc aint it illegal to do that shit to kids? haha. im sure you have to be 18. hahah FAKE ASS BITCH!”

Yes, I laugh at the girl when I see her on TV (mainly only on The Soup) because she tries too hard and it comes across as very comical, plus I’m almost always watching her on a comedic program.  I giggle at her antics in the privacy of my home and see nothing wrong with making a comment or two about her on Twitter or any other of my personal sites.  What I find sad and pathetic is that hundreds of people are purposely seeking her out on Facebook and posting horribly rude comments about her on her numerous photos.  These folk are going out of their way to sift through her pictures and comment on each one and sometimes comment on the comments.  Even an unemployed single childless person MUST have something better to do than waste time defacing someone’s Facebook page.

I remember being 16 and 17, regardless of how old my husband says I am.  I thought I was hot as hell and I enjoyed getting attention from the opposite sex.  Had MySpace been around back then, I probably would have posted what I thought were semi-sexy pictures.  If Twitter was around, I could see myself posting flirty comments.  It’s part of being a teenager girl and regardless of what anyone says, I think it’s perfectly normal.  The photos Courtney posted are no different from what a model her age would have in her portfolio or in a magazine.  Her tweets, while silly, are simply her way of getting attention and feeling sexy.  And it works; you can’t deny that she is great at getting people to talk about her.

Not many people are waiting until adulthood to throw away their V-card anymore; kids are discovering their sexuality early in life and are finding easier ways to express it given all the various social networks at their disposal.  I’ll probably find it to be a big deal when it’s my son wanting to violate a cheerleader, but in general I don’t see an issue unless statutory rape is a factor.  Courtney is married and legally allowed to bang her uncomfortably older husband all she wants.  She’s a public figure and can post as much nonsense as she pleases.  With fame comes both positive and negative attention, but there’s a line between simple criticism and obsession.  If you’re trolling her Facebook page and trying to make her cry with your words, I think you can guess which category you fall into.

Guys, when you bash a female for expressing her sexy side, you come off as bitter that you’ll never be able to bang her.  Ladies, it’s a bit worse with you.  Women are petty and jealous and will backstab another chick at the drop of a hat; it’s the reason most of my friends are guys and have always been.  The women attacking Courtney are portraying themselves as fat and/or ugly women who are angry and jealous that they’ll never have her body.  They seem bitter that they don’t get the kind of attention she does, angry that they aren’t famous, and overall just utterly pathetic.  Having an opinion is one thing, but seeking someone out to insult them is just tacky.

There are a lot of people, famous and otherwise, that I think little of and I’m not shy about commenting on it.  That being said, I have never stooped so low or been so down on myself that I’ve thought to seek out their websites or social networking pages and publicly insult them on their own turf.  Being able to do something doesn’t translate into meaning that the activity should be done.  I think Kim Kardashian is a silly twat with nothing intelligent to say and nothing good to offer the world.  I’ll say it to anyone who asks, but I won’t flood her Facebook wall with my personal wishes that she’ll fall of a cliff because it accomplishes nothing positive for me; it makes me look like an ass and it only adds to the generous amount of attention she already receives.  Celebrities are like the boogeyman, ignore them and pretend they don’t exist and they will eventually go away.  The more attention you give them, the longer they stick around (thanks a lot, TMZ).

I say this not as a fan of Courtney and her “talent” or “beauty” or whatever else we’re meant to enjoy about her.  I appeal to you as a person who is exhausted with the barrage of celebrity news that clogs up news stations.  A person who is tired of nearly every magazine cover being dedicated to the latest celebrity mishap or scandal.  Someone who has had enough of reality stars gaining fame for all the wrong reasons.  I come to you as a simple woman who misses the time when the world cared about more important things than whether or not JWOWW got surgery or if Ashton really did have a 4-way with a bunch of blond chicks behind Demi’s back.

It’s one thing to admire celebrities, it’s a whole other to obsess and saturate our lives with them to the point that news outlets are poised and ready to attack 24/7 in order to give the public the most up to the minute information on what they are doing, down to the type of toothpaste they use.  Kill the demand for information and you’ll find that people like Courtney will fade into the background.  Hate on people all you want, but the most productive thing you can do if you truly are sick of hearing and seeing them is to sit back and do nothing at all.  Let them wilt away and die just like a plant without water, to resurface 10 years later only for a brief appearance on one of those Where Are They Now shows.  And… go!


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