Frag Out!

I’ve always enjoyed video games and have played on my computer since I was a child and they were on giant floppy discs.  I wasn’t allowed to have a gaming system in my house when I was younger, so I’d go to a friend’s to play Duck Hunt or Super Mario.  I loved the arcade, especially when I was able to play Mortal Combat and kick some ass.  I was a giant Everquest nerd in college and finally bought an XBox in my early 20s.  The time I’ve played has always varied, but I enjoy getting into a good and challenging game.  My husband and I were very into Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 and I even dressed as Rochelle for Halloween back in 2010.  About a month after Black Ops was released, my husband and I got into the multiplayer and I spent a great deal of time getting murdered.

I enjoy playing the game itself, but the other players tended to make the experience less than enjoyable.  I mainly played Domination, where teams fight to capture and hold three different flags.  Often I was the player with the highest captures, but due to my 30 deaths and the other players having 3o or more kills, I was generally one of the lowest scoring players.  The point system doesn’t reward players who are actually playing the intended game and instead rewards players for killing as many of the other team as possible, often while ignoring the game’s objective.  With MW3, I was hopeful for changes; my husband told me beforehand that the scoring system was being tweaked and I would be rewarded for actually playing the game and winning the match for my team instead of becoming the lowest scorer simply by being an easy target for snipers.  Sadly, not much has changed.

The first few matches my husband and I played on MW3 were fantastic.  I received perks for capturing flags and killing other teammates and was finally able to consistently get care packages and air support for my team by choosing perks that don’t reset when I died.  The downside is that the same people who irritated me on Black Ops with their behavior have proven to be even more obnoxious on MW3.  Players would sit in the opposing team’s spawn point and immediately kill them upon respawn, as well as other tactics to do nothing but make their kill to death ratio as high as possible.  There is a multiplayer game called Team Deathmatch where the point is to kill as many people as possible, so the fact that these people choose to do this in a game where the point is something else entirely is quite annoying.  I expect to be shot and blown up frequently, but I don’t expect to die 38 times in one match simply because I’m one of the only people actually playing the intended game.

Even that may not have turned into such a bother for me if not for the fact that people cheat and they cheat hard.  I did a Google search for cheats and was amazed by all the results that popped up for a game that has been out for a week.  After 2 days, there were players that were already level 60 and higher and many of them were obviously hacking their way into success.  In one match, a player for the other team change the color of his name from red to green; thinking he was on my team I didn’t shoot at him but saw his name turn back to red as he shot me in the face.  I thought at first I had possibly been mistaken, but it happened a few times afterward as well.  I’ve shot players point blank in the head and had nothing happen.  I’ve had people shoot me through walls that I’m unable to shoot through or seen them spot me before I even thought about coming into their line of sight on the playbacks of the kill.  It also tends to cause the game to glitch on my end when a player on my team is cheating.

Before you write me off as a bitter person who just sucks at the game, let me clarify a few things.  I’m perfectly aware that my aim isn’t the greatest and I can’t use a sniper rifle properly.  I go into matches expecting to die a lot but I also go in knowing that the multiplayer mode I choose is one I’m good at.  As far as flag captures in Domination, I am always in the top three, if not the best at getting flags captured.  If I wanted to have a competition to see who could kill the most people, I’d choose that mode.  All I want is to be able to play the intended game and not be plagued by cheaters and people who call me a fag.

Games aren’t fun if they don’t present the player with a challenge and this is why cheaters confuse me so much.  What is the point of getting amazing stats and achieving a high level if you got there dishonestly?  Sure, my kill to death ratio is .204, but I earned it.  I can be genuinely impressed with myself when I have the most headshots in a match because I did so honestly without any boosters or modifications.  And shouldn’t that be how we all play games?  Signing on, getting started, and having fun with the game play and hopefully increasing our skill the more we play.

With MW3’s lack of security that makes hacking easy and its unfair scoring system, I’m thoroughly disappointed with the game’s multiplayer mode.  I’ve been unintentionally calling it Black Ops for the past few days because it feels like the same old game with the same problems.  The perks aren’t even close to equaling the problems and I simply don’t want to waste my evening yelling profanities at the television screen as I watch players manipulate the game and cheat their way into success.  My husband needs his $64 back because this game just wasn’t worth it.  If you need me, I’ll be playing Skyrim.


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  1. Oh man….where to begin. I remember when the first concept of online multiplayer came to the gaming consels. Boy, was it ugly! Lag, glitches, cheats, all set to ruin the gamers experience. I believe the COD franchise had it close with Black Ops. Yes I agree there scoring needed some tweaks, but overall security was top notch. Now with MW3 however, you almost have to host a private match with friends just to have a fair game. These “mods” that people are doing is hacking. That’s it, no way around it. I noticed last night that I was falling victim to this “one shot one kill” cheat that I have heard about. Case in point, even on the kill cam, I was shot in the knee…didn’t even have a chance. Unfortunately the little cheater left the room and logged off before I had a chance to report him. COD needs to step in like they did on Black Ops and start punishing these gamers. It takes all the fun out of online playing, and eventually will cause gamers, who don’t “hack” stop playing and buying the COD games. Find me on XBox live, grafikKilla, and we’ll play the game how it was meant to be played.

  2. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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