Indiana And I Just Can’t Get Along

I moved from warm and sunny Georgia to frigid Indiana back in 2008 so I could be with my now-husband.  My first winter here was hellish and I started to deeply regret not trying to talk my husband into moving to Georgia.  Turns out, the state of Indiana is quite sensitive and happened to overhear my remarks about how much I hated the weather.  It decided to get revenge in quite an evil way by deciding that I didn’t pay my state taxes.

After filing taxes for my first year of employment in this lovely state, I received a letter from the state government which told me I owed an ungodly amount for not paying my state tax.  I mailed them a copy of my W2 as well as a bank statement showing the $40 some odd dollars that I owed on top of what was taken from my paycheck and that was that.  Until I got a letter saying that there is a warrant out for me for failure to pay taxes.  I sent my documents to the police station and to the government offices again, plus one more time on top of that until I finally received word back to disregard the warrant and statement of what I owed, assuring me I was good.

Guess what happened again the next year?  Same thing, minus the warrant.  It took at least three mailings of my documents to assure them I wasn’t insane and did in fact pay my state tax through my paycheck and through my checking account during filing time.  I never got a reason for why this happened to me either time, only a letter once it was resolved stating that I did not in fact owe because I was correct in saying that I had paid.  Thanks, Indiana government.

The state must have tired of toying with my taxes because today I found out about the latest way they screwed me over.  In early 2010, I made a right turn on red after misreading a sign that said “no right turn on red” and listed various days and times.  Dumb, but honest mistake.  I got a ticket and called the number a few weeks later to make payment.  The first check I mailed in was mailed right back to me with a note saying that the amount owed was different.  I submitted a new check, it was cashed, and that was that.

Except it wasn’t.  Again.  My husband was getting insurance quotes today and discovered from a very nice agent that my license is suspended.  A couple of fees later, I was able to download some documents from the BMV’s site that confirmed this agent’s claims; my license is no good because I didn’t pay off my ticket.

Of course, I closed the account that I used to pay the ticket, so now I get to deal with the lovely folks at Bank of America to try to get a copy of my statement to prove to the court that I’m not a criminal and I paid my fine.  Yes, CRIMINAL; my case is in criminal court for not paying a ticket that I paid.  Just like the taxes I paid but didn’t pay, right?  I’m going to go insane.

If not for my husband, I’d be busy on the phone making enemies at the BMV, but he calmed me down and I’m taking the proper and calm steps to fix this.  Again.  Ugh.

Please tell me I’m not the only person this has happened to.  Have you ever gone through something similar to this, or know someone who has?  Did you murder anyone in the process of making things right?  Will you bail me out of jail if I assault whatever person make the error and turned my lovely drivers license into a useless piece of plastic?

UPDATE 1/4/12: Received word from the court that they sent the suspension on the same day I paid the ticket (I sent them proof) and they have contacted the BMV to fix me up. Sigh.


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