DAY FOURTEEN (12/30/11)

My fourteen days with Jillian Michaels has come and gone and I can’t be happier that it’s over.  The first seven days, the cleanse, was fairly uneventful, at times annoying, and resulted in three pounds of weight loss.  The second seven days, the burn, was even more quiet and resulted in two pounds of weight gain.  Because I did not alter my diet and only ensured I didn’t eat over 1900 calories per day, I believe these results speak for exactly what these pills do for a person.

In two words: not much.  The detox and cleanse seemed to do nothing more than shed a few pounds of water weight, which I gained right back after the cleansing process was done.  The fat burning stage didn’t seem to do anything whatsoever.  I would not recommend even attempting the cleanse process to drop a few pounds because not only will you gain them right back, but you may also experience some of the less than pleasant side effects that I read about.

I didn’t follow the eating plan or exercise recommendations on purpose; if I eat amazing foods and work out 30 minutes a day, I’m not proving these pills do a single thing.  My goal was to tackle this the way the average person would; take the miracle pill and lose weight.  I kept my food limited to where I wouldn’t gain any weight, but that was it.

Since these last fourteen days were something of a waste, I’m going to post brief blogs over the next few weeks with a new approach to weight loss, minus the magic pills and empty promises in a bottle.  My husband and I are going to a Tool concert in less than a month and I would like to drop ten pounds by then.  Ten small pounds isn’t a lot, but when you’re not too heavy as it is, it can be a challenge.  Sadly for me, this is going to mean no drinking on New Years.  I’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime please have a nicely chilled shot of Jager for me!


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“Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” - Kevin Smith

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