Indianapolis is hosting the Super Bowl this year.  This season, Indianapolis also got to watch their Colts fail miserably and have seen numerous people fired in response to this dismal season.  It’s somewhat of a bittersweet end for football fans in the area; their team fell hard but they have the chance to go downtown and experience a bit of the Super Bowl hype if they aren’t one of the lucky few to actually have tickets.  I’ve had a few out-of-town friends ask me on Twitter if I’ll be attending the pre-bowl festivities and my answer is a resounding NO.  Since I can’t fit the WHY in 140 characters or less, I’m letting you have it here:

I’m a brat.  If I’m going to go, I want to GO.  I want to be inside Lucas Oil Stadium watching the Giants (hopefully) demolish the Patriots.  I want to be in the middle of the excitement, cheering along with the rest of the fans.  I want to dance along to LMFAO during halftime and leave my seat for more beer and snacks when Madonna takes center stage.  If I can’t be inside the stadium, I don’t want to go at all.  I simply don’t see the point

$$$$$$!  If I go down there, it is a guarantee that I will spend money on things I don’t need.  I was a Giants fan growing up but haven’t followed them for years now.  If I go, I’ll get nostalgic and blow cash on some memorabilia that I really don’t have a use for or even care about much anymore.  I’m also saving cash back for a down payment on a car, so skipping events like this just makes sense.

I don’t see the point.  “It’s a once in a lifetime event for you!”  Maybe.  Although, I’m not exactly on my death bed here, so chances are good that I’ll either be able to travel to a city where the Super Bowl is held or possibly score tickets if I have the interest.  I’ve been in Lucas Oil a few times with my husband and I’ve walked on the field while working an event at my former job; I’ve been there and it’s honestly good enough for me right now.  The Super Bowl may not come back to Indy in my lifetime or my time living here, but that doesn’t mean I’m losing my one chance to experience it.

I’m just not that into it right now.  The Colts made me disinterested in this entire season.  Their performance was so awful that I’m just ready for the Super Bowl to hurry up and be over so I can wait for next season, which I hope will be better.  I also have a lot of other things to be excited about right now; I recently saw Tool for the first time and have tickets to Puscifer and The Black Keys, so I’m psyched about upcoming concerts.  The Bulls are off to a great start in a season we weren’t sure would happen.  I started really getting into wrestling, which is a twice a week event.  I’m also planning a few things for my husband and I.  The Super Bowl just doesn’t rank too high on my list right now.

I hate Patriot fans.  Sorry if that applies to you.  I lived in New York until I was 8, Connecticut until I was 16.  In Connecticut, our lack of professional sports teams generally meant you went for a New York team or a Massachusetts team.  I was New York all the way.  Patriot fans (and Celtic fans, Bruins fans, Red Sox fans….) were always the most obnoxious, cocky, arrogant group of dickwads around.  And no, there is no nicer word to describe them other than dickwads.  If I were to go downtown to check out the NFL experience and ran into a loud Patriots fan, there’s a good chance you’d see me on the news, being put in the back of a cop car for knocking someone’s teeth into their skull.

It’s a freaking zoo!  One of the lovely ladies I speak to on Twitter is having to deal with the hoards of people and insane amount of traffic just to get to her job every day.  One family, put in a hotel by their insurance company after a fire, has been forced out of their hotel room to make space for fans arriving from out of town.  It’s a guarantee that I will get annoyed if we go down there, so I’m being a smart little girl and steering clear.

It isn’t on my bucket list.  I’m not a diehard football fan, it isn’t my dream to attend a Super Bowl or sit on the 50 yard line, and I don’t follow any player or team too closely.  If I was told I would die tomorrow, having never gone to a Super Bowl or to the pre-bowl events, I’d be perfectly okay with that fact.  I’d rather stay home and leave more room downtown for the serious fans.

 That being said…..



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  1. lol a bit but i get it…if the superbowl were in seattle ((which will never happen because they think it’s “to cold” here for it to happen…never mind they’ve held it in colder places at an outdoor stadium than seattle in the past))….I’d try to go..but I wouldn’t go out of my way or spend tons of money to go see it….wrestlemania on the other hand..when it hit seattle I DID go and even nearly paid 500 bucks for a ringside seat….I kind of regret NOT buying the ringside seat but..oh well…it should and probably will be back ((of course I won’t be able to afford the 500 which is probably now 750 dollar seat cuz I will most likely NOT have the same disposable income i had 10 years ago..))

    anywho I get this sense of agitation that people are asking you…it’s not a stupid question based on the fact of where you are….but then…i get it.

    anyone ever ask if you’re going to the indy 500? that IS on my bucket list..although it’s probably more enjoyable to watch on tv…but id like to get there and experience it in person while gomer pyle, ie jim nabors, is still alive and kicking and singing about his home of indiana.

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