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A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled onto a wonderful blog called Flights From Hell.  Prior to 9/11 I was a huge fan of flying; my first flight was at age 11 on a trip to Disney World and I was amazed by the entire process.  Since the flight was from Hartford, CT, it was long enough for us to be served both a meal and a snack for the flight there and back.  It was the coolest thing to me and meeting the pilot cemented my status as the most awesome kid on that plane.  Prior to that, I loved being able to walk all the way to the gate to greet relatives arriving from out of the country.  My love of flying continued until my late teens.

It started to get sketchy in my early 20s when I took a flight from Georgia to Connecticut to visit a good friend.  Security was insane; I arrived four hours early for my flight and was stuck in a security line for 90 minutes.  After sending my belt and shoes through and having my belongings checked, I proceeded to the gate for boarding.  The flight wasn’t delayed but my fellow passengers weren’t in the best of spirits and made the boarding process a nightmare with their large carry-0ns that I assume they brought to avoid the checked bag fee.  Although the flight was long, we didn’t get a meal; it was fine with me who brought snacks but others were quite displeased.

The next time I set foot on a plane was on a trip from Indianapolis to New Orleans with my husband.  We were flying down to visit friends before boarding our Carnival cruise ship for a seven day excursion.  We arrived early to avoid the annoyances and had a fairly typical flight down.  On the way back, we foolishly spent the night prior to our fight on Bourbon St. and I honestly suspect our shot girl gave us something extra with our test tube shots because we both became very ill.  We slept in the airport, broke and tired and miserable.

Upon checking our bags we realized both were about 8 pounds overweight between the two of them and we would be charged an arm and a leg to check them.  We trashed a lot of items, grabbed clothing and began layering, and crammed things into our carry-on to make our weight under 50 pounds.  Once that was done, we boarded and sat miserably waiting for our small cup of soda and tiny bag of peanuts.  Once we collected our bags, we found that a couple of items from our cruise had been broken during transport, one being a bottle of rum in my husband’s bag (which had been safely packed and cushioned by the folks on Carnival) so his clothes all smelled lovely.  We haven’t been back on a plane since.

While reading through stories on Flights From Hell, I was delighted to discover that they have a sister site, Dinners From Hell.  As a former bartender, server, and drive-thru expert, I was incredibly excited about this site and it truly has become my favorite blog out there.  The site’s owner was nice enough to post one of my stories, of which I have many, and also linked my story back to this blog.  While some of us out there don’t do a lot of traveling and may not be able to relate to Flights From Hell, I guarantee that everyone has had at least one bad dining experience and can definitely get a lot of fun out of Dinners From Hell.

The site takes stories from diners, cooks, servers, and other restaurant personnel.  As any server can tell you, waiting tables can be a thankless job.  Waiting on patrons who treat you as a slave rather than a person, unruly children who treat their food as finger paints or projectiles, people who will complain about anything they can find, and horrible tippers are just a few of the negatives that come with that job.  As a diner, you get servers with bad attitudes, dirty restaurants or horrible food, fellow diners who seem set out to ruin your dining experience, and incredibly long wait times when there is no reason for it.

Both of the From Hell sites are truly great reads and I highly recommend you check out both of them, comment on stories, and submit your own if you’ve got one (and I know you do).  Even the not-so-hot stories are fun to read due to the hilarious comments that follow from regular visitors of the blogs.  I don’t often recommend a site outside of those I’m very familiar with, such as my husband’s site or ones of close friends, so take the fact that I’m putting my stamp of approval on these two as my way of saying you’d be a fool not to check them out!  Enjoy, and you can thank me later!


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