It Won’t Go Down

Sunday, March 4th, my husband and I went down to the Murat Theatre at Old National Centre to see Puscifer in concert.  Having just seen Tool a couple of months ago, it’s safe to say that we were both pretty psyched to see Maynard James Keenan in action once again.  This was my first time at the Murat, and other than the tornado of chilly air that was created right inside the front doors, I was quite impressed with the place.  The décor is absolutely gorgeous and to my heart’s delight, they had a line of bartenders to my right filling cups and mixing drinks.  After saying hello to a couple of friends from the wonderful world of Twitter, we grabbed a couple mixed drinks and shots and headed to our seats.

We were much closer than I anticipated; our seats were about 10 rows back from the stage and between two very polite blond girls and a young couple who seemed to be half asleep.  The opening act, Carina Round, was already on stage as we were seated, apologizing for being sick and sounding like “a bag of dicks.”  On the contrary, I found her voice to be unique and powerful, her stage presence charming and humorous.  Clad in a red puffy sleeved dress, she captivated the audience with her melodic voice and her sharp wit.  I can definitely see why Maynard chose to have her become a part of Puscifer for Conditions Of My Parole and I’m glad we got a chance to listen to her set.

When Carina left the stage, the husband and I ran off to get a couple refills and brave the restrooms.  We didn’t linger out in the lobby though; Maynard’s voice soon filled the room and we rushed back to our seats.  On the large screen above the stage was footage from their cabaret show; interviews with the redneck characters, on-stage antics, and some song snippits.  It was followed by Maynard as a military officer, instructing the audience that the rules here are the same as a Tool or “Pure Circle” concert: NO PHOTOS!

As the screen went dark, Maynard walked onto the stage dragging a silver trailer behind him.  He proceeded to talk to the audience for a few minutes, his dialogue creating a very personal and private feel as he roamed around the stage, preparing it for the rest of the musicians.  As he poured out glasses of wine, his bandmates appeared and the music began.

Both Maynard and Carina took their place near the back of the stage, side by side in front of a giant screen projecting images that meshed perfectly with the songs being played.  Say what you will about the music (it may just not be your thing) but there is no denying that this man knows how to put a show together.  The visual aspects fit so well with the songs, it’s as if they were a natural occurrence born into this world simultaneously.  Maynard and Carina harmonized perfectly together and when one was not singing, they would very casually grab a sip of wine, take a seat in a folding chair, or simply move to the music.  It felt as though they had been a team for a decade or two; they synched with each other in a way that even some veteran bands out there fail to do after years together.

Overall, I loved every second of their show and I’m ecstatic that 2012 brought me two amazing performances from 2/3rds of creations by Maynard.  Although, there were a total of 3 people from A Perfect Circle on that stage Sunday night, so I can at least be content with the fact that I’ve seen them play.  The photography ban ended up working in my favor, as it made sure I didn’t waste time taking grainy pictures with my cell phone and could put my full concentration into the show.  Whenever I can leave a venue and feel as if I underpaid to be there, I’m a happy lady, and I definitely feel that we got plenty more than we paid for.


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  1. sounds just like the show i saw…lol….carina is pretty good but I wish he would have sang more, when i saw him, on the song, which was the first puscifer song, that was in underworld

  2. and no you can’t be content with seeing 3 people from a perfect circle when there’s been about 14 members 😛

  3. sorry one more comment “I didn’t waste time taking grainy pictures with my cell phone and could put my full concentration into the show. ” if you had…maynards people would of swarmed you and thrown you in a ditch… maybe not…but maynard has been known to go after people with cameras ((maybe I’m making that up…but I’m pretty sure only one dumbass ignored the no cameras warning in seattle))

  4. Carina Round and Maynard = AWESOME

  5. As soon as I discovered this web site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

  6. I enjoy your work , thanks for all the interesting articles .

  7. Entertaining blog – thank you. Really intriguing and excellently published article. Thanks!

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