It Filters Through

Try as I might, I have yet to win any contest I’ve entered on X103’s website or by calling the station when they are giving away concert tickets or other goodies.  I enter everything that looks even mildly interesting and I enter things I already have tickets for, figuring that the universe could possibly have a laugh at my expense and allow me to win something I don’t really want or need.  Unfortunately, I haven’t won squat.

My last attempt was a couple of weeks back; a pair of Chevelle and Middle Class Rut tickets were up for grabs to the 103rd caller and I was determined.  At least I was until the 20th time getting a busy signal.  A couple of minutes after giving up, one of my twitter friends posted that he had won!  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous, but at least the tickets went to a good guy and his wife.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that he had already bought a pair of tickets for himself and his wife as an early birthday present for her; he ended up offering the free tickets to my husband and I, and we naturally pounced on them and made plans to meet up on Saturday night.

The concert was at the Murat, where I’ve been only once before to see Puscifer, but I was a bit confused at how it would be managed because Fiddler On The Roof was listed on their website as happening at the same time.  While waiting for our friends, the husband and I watched the interesting mix of people making their way to the main entrance; men in suits and ties and guys in hoodies, women in skirts and chicks in ripped jeans, slow-moving grey-haired couples and hyperactive tattooed pairings.  When our friends arrived, we headed over to meet them and were directed to the side of the Old National Center to a side entrance neither of us knew existed.

After braving the line, we entered into what was thankfully a mostly standing room general admission set up; I was glad the four of us would be able to stay together rather than have to go to our seats in separate areas.  The bar was set up in the back of the room, which made getting drinks easy and meant we wouldn’t miss any of the show due to being trapped in a long line.  There were tables and chairs set up on platforms on both sides of the room, housing what had to be the most boring group of concert-goers I’ve ever seen; they were sitting as still as library patrons and looked half asleep.  I suppose the fancy décor made them think they had to be on their best behavior, I’m not sure.

The opening band was Janus, a band from Chicago that I’d never heard of prior to the show.  I’m not sure why, but I generally don’t have the highest hopes for openers and wasn’t expecting anything special, but they were definitely a nice surprise, sounding a bit similar to Staind and definitely bringing their A game.  I regret not picking up their CD when we left, but I was in a bit of a hurry to get home and annoy my husband in the comfort of our living room.

Next on stage was Middle Class Rut.  I had no idea this was a two man group; you definitely can’t tell it from their recorded sound and I had a hard time believing it even while seeing them in person; my husband mentioned it to me and I confirmed it after a few little hops in the air to get a full view of the stage.  I used to do some promo work for a guy that used various equipment to loop his instrumentals and vocals, but I’m not sure if they were going that route or if their sound was just that damn good.  I’m definitely a bigger fan of them after having seen them in person.

Finally, we come to Chevelle.  I’ve listened to them for years but haven’t ever been able to catch them in concert, mainly due to my inability to pay attention to their tour dates.  I had heard them compared to Tool back when I was in college, so I bought their CD immediately.  I think the Tool comparison is way off, but apparently it’s there enough to still be on Wikipedia.  They have a great sound live and came back for the not-surprising-anymore surprise encore and gave us two bonus songs, including The Red, the one song I would have been grumpy about not hearing.

I absolutely had a blast and I’m glad we got the chance to meet a couple Twitter friends in person; hopefully we get to hang out again because they were a lot of fun.  The Murat might be my new favorite venue; it’s small enough to be intimate without being cramped, it’s gorgeous, the acoustics are great, and their bathrooms don’t look like breeding grounds for scabies.  All in all, a damn fantastic night.  Big thanks to the Hizonas and to X103!!


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    looks like somewhere one would go to see….E C dubya….eeee see dubya…..uhm hmm


    also..the lead singer of chevelle is a world class douche bag…i’ve seen them three times….each more awful than the last….okay maybe once was an okay show but the other two times he talked shit about the audience and how we don’t realize how great his shitty band is….dissing the audience isn’t a good way to win them over…so..okay band with shitty lead singer imo

  3. not negativity…positively know he’s a douchebag…or at least he used to be..maybe he grew a clue? He also spit on the audience (well did like a spit take with water in his mouth towards the crowd) one of the times I saw them…on a different note that janus band is good; maybe not different enough to become huge stars but decent enough to make a living for a few years doing the rock and roll thing (imo)

  4. Good post. I think your post is extremely entertaining. Kudos once more – I will come back.

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