Making Wishes

If you know me, you know I’ve been obsessed with wrestling as of a few months ago.  My husband wanted to watch one evening and I said to hell with it and watched with him.  Two nights of Raw later, I was hooked.  Since then, we’ve been renting all of the Pay Per View events and buying merchandise.  You’re welcome, Vince McMahon.  Last weekend, we saw some WWE DVDs for sale at Half Price Books and were intent on buying all three, but much to our dismay, some idiot had stolen two of them.  As a consolation prize, we ended up updating our Netflix queue and have a ton on the way.  Totally obsessed.

A lot of the promos focus on the work that various WWE superstars do with the Make A Wish foundation.  John Cena has the honor of being one of the most requested wishes, something he takes to heart as he is also the person who has granted the most wishes in the foundation.  It’s an amazing thing that this organization does for children and young adults and I’m glad people are willing to break away from their schedules to put a smile on someone’s face.  It got me thinking though about who my wishes would be if I could request to meet anyone.  So naturally, I’m giving you a list.  Remember, I’m dying, so I don’t have to be all philosophical and deep with my choices.

10.  Johnny Depp

Because oh my gawd, he is soooo dreamy!  Kidding.  He is Jack Sparrow, my son thinks Jack Sparrow is awesome, and it would be worth the wish to meet Depp and somehow talk him into getting all Sparrowed out to surprise my son.  I can’t even imagine the look on his face when I walked in with a freaking pirate.


9.  Chelsea Handler

She’s hilarious and I think she’d be an excellent drinking buddy.  I’m dying, screw my liver at this point.


8. Nick Santora

He wrote some of my favorite episodes of Prison Break and now writes on Breakout Kings, the show that guarantees at least one person will say “shit” every episode.  He’s also awesome and talks to me on twitter.  I’d love to visit him on set and guilt him into giving the dying girl a guest spot on an episode of Breakout Kings.  I’ll be victim #2!!


7.  Nick Cannon

I just want to punch him, really.


6.  RuPaul

I suck at makeup, hate wearing heels and dresses, loathe doing my hair, and am pretty sure I was meant to be born a dude.  Who banged other dudes, of course.  My mom sucked at being a mom and never taught me how to do my hair or makeup, so I said screw it and went and played in the dirt and just tied my hair up in a bun 99% of the time.  I’ve learned little things as I’ve gotten older, but I still suck at being a chick.  I want RuPaul to fully drag me out and make me fabulous!


5.  Olivia Wilde

Honestly, I have no good reason.  She’s just pretty and I’d like to have dinner with her.  Or maybe just martinis.  Either way.


4.  Kiefer Sutherland



3.  Kevin Smith

My obsession with film came from watching Clerks.  Since then, I’ve been all over every movie he’s put out, read his books, watched his DVDs, and been crazy about all things Kevin Smith.  I would prefer to meet him at the Secret Stash in New Jersey and knock two birds out with one stone.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and Jay Mewes will be visiting that day?


2.  Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington

This one has to be a package deal because the three of them are the definition of hilarious together.  People will tell you that laughter is the best medicine until they’re blue in the face, and they’re absolutely right.  Ricky and Steve are comic geniuses who have brought the world some amazing material, including The Office and Extras.  Combined with Karl, it’s side splitting humor.  Watch An Idiot Abroad, or if you’re cheap, download a free podcast of the Ricky Gervais Show and just listen.  Karl is the smartest idiot to ever exist and I love him.  Fucking round headed twat.


1.  Jonathan Davis of Korn

I started listening to Korn in early 1995 when I was fourteen.  A friend from AOL who lived close by let me borrow his CD and I was instantly hooked.  Their music never ceases to give me chill bumps or soothe my nerves.  Davis has a powerful voice and his lyrics touch the tortured parts of my soul.  I want to meet him and thank him; even though it would probably mean very little to him, it would mean the world to me to be able to face the man who helped me get through the toughest times in my life and who has been an inspiration to me in a variety of ways.


About Jamie C. Baker

“Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” - Kevin Smith

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  2. mr smith has become such a douche as of late imo…

    i recommend the rise and fall of ecw dvd…any of the documentary style dvds under the wwe banner…I own a bunch of random ppvs from through out the years..mostly on…OOOOH AND highly highly highly highly HIGHLY recommend the brian pillman set…he was an inovater..nothing much more need be said..I think that might be harder to find because I’m pretty sure there’s some chris beniot footage on it

  3. okay so not that hard to get

    maybe find a copy of raw season 1 and 2 highlights and watch it…I’ve not seen it yet..but I’m holding my breath for monday night raw in season format….with nothing edited out…which will never and i mean EVER happen

    and I know how much you love chris jericho…I highly recommend both his books and one of the dvd sets is good..the other..i dunno

    also this is great but there’s an even more entertaining vhs tape where he hangs out with the hardy boys in an empty arena

    and and and…there’s a very low budget value dvd of andre the giant that’s out there…if you pay like 3 or 4 bucks and care to go back that far it’s worth it

  4. Kudos for this article. Highly riveting and accurately published article. Thanks!

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