Daddy Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  I hope your child(ren) treat you wonderfully and spare you the awful neckties, tacky t-shirts, and cheap BBQ accessories.  I’m writing this blog a few days before Sunday and postdating it to automatically throw itself onto WordPress because I plan to be busy with my husband and son all day.  This weekend will be filled with picnics in the park, bowling some great games, possibly a WWE Pay Per View and pizza, and gifts that I hope he’ll enjoy.

I have the boy making a card because to me, a handmade card from an almost 7 year old is more personal than a Hallmark card that I pick out and my almost 7 year old signs and hands over with little idea of what it says.  I also printed out a coupon book for him to write favors in; he’ll be choosing what to write so I expect quite a few will have to do with being good and not destroying the house.  I’ll also be letting him hand over most of the gifts I purchased.  Hopefully he’s excited.  The husband has a few things coming, such as a Shark Attack mug I wasn’t able to get for Christmas, the soundtrack for the movie Drive, some random items from a British food supplier, and a pack of ginger beer that he became a fan of when we went out for my birthday.  What I’m most excited about though are the three tickets to WWE Smackdown on July 31st and the t-shirt from that hopefully gets here by Saturday!

My husband is a hell of a dad and I could do three times what I’m doing for him for Father’s Day and not have it be enough.  He loves our boy and has gone above and beyond to provide for him and teach him what it is to be a man.  He’s a tough guy, but my son respects him and highly values his opinion.  I’m the pushover and Daddy is king; the boy knows he’s the boss, the protector, and the guy with all the answers.  He is the opposite of his own father, which makes him the greatest dad on Earth.

For me, Father’s Day is also a time for me to show that I appreciate him being an amazing husband.  We’ve been together for about 4 ½ years now, married for slightly less than that, and I love the guy more every single passing day.  He drives me insane at times, but he supports me like no other, is strong for me when I have weak moments, loves me unconditionally, and knows me in a way that no one else in this world possibly could.  I hit the damn jackpot when I said “I Do” to this man and while I know I don’t tell him that enough, I hope he knows it.

Father’s Day shouldn’t be a forgotten holiday where kids raid the holiday sections in Walmart and CVS on Saturday night to grab dad a gift out of obligation, getting whatever happens to be leftover or cheapest.  It shouldn’t be a day where mom buys a few gifts and the kids do nothing more than slap their name on it and hand it over.  It should be a day where you thank dad for all that he has done for the family and all that you know he’ll keep on doing.  It should be a day where you take over some of his responsibilities (dog walking, lawn care, etc) instead of just giving him a break until tomorrow.  It should be a day about family and a day where he knows you love him and he can feel like all his hard work is worth it and is appreciated.  Take time out today and give dad all the thanks that you missed out on giving him on the other 364 days of the year.


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  1. As an outsider looking in, your son is a real lucky kid to have two parents who love him a much as the two of you do. Every child needs a softy and a hardass in their life to be a well balanced person. The most important thing any of us needs ifs love and it seems like he’s got plenty!

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