The Next Masterchef Will Be…

Masterchef is one of two incredible programs on the Fox network that I am currently engrossed in, the other being Hell’s Kitchen.  As we see the contestants whittle down and near the coveted top 4, I would like to visit the remaining competitors and offer a bit of speculation on who I see in the top four and who may be walking away with the title of Masterchef:

Monti Carlo – I admit, I thought Monti was a joke during the auditions.  With a kid named Danger, her own name, and her seemingly forced retro style, I was certain that she would be one of the first to leave the Masterchef kitchen.  Much to my surprise and delight, this chick has proved herself to be a firecracker; she’s hilariously witty and a wizard in the kitchen.  She’s driven and talented, her quirks working to her advantage in both team and individual competitions.  I definitely see her reaching the top four.

Felix Fang – Felix is simply adorable.  Learning techniques from her grandmother and mother, she has branched out and become a force to be reckoned with, taking many risks and chances.  Unfortunately for her, it isn’t paying off quite as well as she would like.  That, combined with what seems to be dwindling confidence, is seriously hurting her chances of winning this competition.  In my mind, she has gone from a certainty for the top four to someone who could be eliminated at any minute.

Josh Marks – Acting as a sponge in the kitchen, soaking in plating and presentation techniques and learning how to be a chef and not just a cook, Josh has been a giant beam of light in the competition.  He is definitely a leader and has proven himself to be a talented chef as well.  He towers over his opponents both because of his height and because of his positive attitude and ability.  Judging by the past few episodes, I definitely see Josh claiming a place in the top four.

Stacey Amagrande – Stacey is a fierce competitor who is very sure of herself and her abilities in the kitchen.  She credits her grandmother for inspiring her to begin cooking and says she’s learned confidence and techniques from the Masterchef kitchen and judges.  Her confidence is quite apparent in both her dishes and her demeanor when cooking in pressure tests and presenting creations to the judges.  I don’t see her making the top four however, as I suspect her confidence will turn into cockiness and become a hinderance.

Frank Mirando – Frank is the king of all things pasta.  Obviously the judges are looking for a Masterchef, not the best Italian chef, but when they requested to see more from Frank, he delivered and then some.  The efforts of his competitors to trip him up have only worked to make him stronger by presenting him with challenges that he has learned and grown from.  He also manages to avoid most of the trash talking and underhanded nonsense that is so prevalent on reality television.  I definitely see Frank in the top four, possibly even the top two.

Becky Reams – Becky is the queen of the mystery box, seemingly winning these challenges with ease.  Her risky moves in the kitchen have consistently paid off and her experiments have resulted in delicious dishes.  Educated by her mother in Kansas, Becky mastered chicken Parmesan and went on to master many of the dishes she has presented on the show.  Despite all her talents and potential though, I don’t see Becky reaching the top four.  As her abilities have improved, her attitude has declined.  If she continues to become more arrogant, her dishes are sure to suffer.

David Martinez – Getting his inspiration from chefs on television and claiming not to have mastered any dish whatsoever, David seems like an unlikely home cook to have made it as far as he has.  With the departure of Ryan, the series has focused on both David and Tali as the “villains” in the kitchen; with Tali now gone, David is meant to encompass all the evil in Masterchef.  Luckily for him, he is nowhere near matching the bad attitude and horrible arrogance of Tali and Ryan.  Sadly for him, he is also nowhere near matching the abilities of his competitors and would shock me if he made it into the top four.  I see him as the next elimination for sure.

Christine Ha – It’s no secret for those who know me that Christine is my favorite in this competition.  Literally going into every challenge blind, Christine relies solely on her incredible palate, her natural abilities, her experience, and her understanding of cuisine to present beautiful and delicious creations in the Masterchef kitchen.  Ignoring her disability for a moment, she is one of the most talented chefs I’ve seen in all seasons of Masterchef.  I see her breaking into the top four, then into the top two.  She cooks with her heart and brings a passion into the kitchen that can’t be learned, taught, or faked.


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  1. blind girl done effed up….she does that again she’s gone no matter how much everyone loves her

  2. Great post! This is such a great program. I’ve watched every season but I’m afraid this year they are letting the ‘reality-show silliness’ overshadow the cooking to some extent. It’s still a great show though. I like your breakdown of the contestants but I disagree with your pick of Christine for the final two. I’m picking Becky, Frank, Christine, and Monti for the final four and Becky and Frank to make it to the finale.

    • Christine is giving me heart attacks lately, especially Tuesday night when she almost went home. I’m glad she didn’t BUT I am more concerned now as to how far she can go. She’s amazing, but being blind is a huge disadvantage with some of their challenges, and I don’t know how she’ll do in the coming challenges…

  3. Love the post, agree with much of what you write. Please, though, spell “palate” correctly.

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