Down With The Clown

I am going to scream.  I read an article on CNN about the two classy clowns that make up the Insane Clown Posse.  They stated that they’re fine with the criticism aimed directly at them but they take offense to the criticism aimed at their fans, the juggalos.  At The Gathering Of The Juggalos, they announced that they will be filing a lawsuit against the FBI for labeling their fans a gang.  Clown #1, Violent J, states “this is the government’s way of telling us what you can listen to, what you can wear.  They’re telling you that if you listen to this music and you support this music, you are going to be committing a crime in our eyes.”  The FBI states that while most juggalo related crimes are sporadic, disorganized, and often involve simple assault, drug use, or vandalism, a small number are forming organized subsets and engaging in gang-like activity, such as felony assault, theft, and drug sales.

I’ve already blogged about juggalos and exactly how I feel about their worth in this world, running down a list of the cringeworthy things they are guilty of doing.  One of the many twisted acts of self-professed juggalos was committed by 18-year-old Alex Pacheco, who murdered his 13-year-old girlfriend Kelsey Shannon, then had sex with her dead body.  They have been involved in hate crimes, targeting certain races or sexual orientations.  They call themselves family but will turn on a fellow juggalo at the drop of a hat.  I don’t care for Tila Tequila, but she didn’t deserve the attack at a Gathering a while back where she sustained notable injuries.  All in all, there isn’t much  you can say in a positive light about this group.

If liking a certain band and dressing a certain way in support of that band was a crime, the FBI would be identifying different gangs until the end of time.  If random acts of violence were all it took, Marilyn Manson fans would have been labeled a gang after the Columbine Massacre and Dark Knight fans would be a gang due to the Colorado shooting and subsequent arrests due to guns brought into theaters.  Far be it from me to put 100% trust and faith into our government, but I highly doubt the FBI is just going to label a group as a dangerous gang if they don’t have good reasoning behind it.


Let me stop for a second and say that I fully understand that not all people who call themselves juggalos or juggalettes are horrible human beings.  Some are just people with horrible taste in music and wardrobe.  That being said, when the majority of a group is violent, uses drugs, is disrespectful, and begins to organize and engage in illegal conduct on a felony level, you become a bit guilty by association.  Saying “well, I don’t do X, Y, and Z, so it’s okay” doesn’t cut it; associating with people who are doing vile things makes you equally as guilty.  This is why the “not all of us are like that” argument falls deaf ears with me.  Condoning is just as bad as participating and any level-headed person would not call themselves part of such an awful group.


Contrary to what Mr. J believes, this is not the government telling anyone what they can wear or what music to listen to.  I could (ugh) wear an ICP shirt and (gag) listen to their CD and not be harassed by anyone because I’m not out smoking weed, robbing my neighbors, and throwing rocks at people while I yell how much they suck.  I’m not teaming up with fellow juggalos to beat down a guy because he’s gay and I hate that, or organizing a way to sell more weed and maybe some meth with my friends, or spray painting hatchetmen across the sides of buildings to mark my territory.  Like it or not, juggalos, what you do is in fact gang activity and it deserves to be treated as such.

I almost hope the clowns do file this lawsuit.  I hope it goes to court and I hope they are laughed out of there, hanging their painted heads low with shame.  My hatred of these two morons and their idiot fans aside for a moment, it’s just nonsense to say that the government has it out for your fans and is trying to control wardrobe and music preferences simply because they can.  If the fans weren’t acting like Neanderthals and engaging in illegal and disgusting behavior, they would not have attracted the attention of the FBI and wouldn’t have earned the gang classification.

Rather than file a lawsuit, maybe these two circus acts should take advantage of the obvious power they have over their followers and try to curb the violence instead of encourage it.  Maybe they should take responsibility for the “family” they built rather than get cranky because they don’t want their fans to look bad.  When you knowingly reach out to the fringe members of society, the ones who are outcast and desperate to belong, then hammer this family bullshit into their heads, you are partially responsible for what is created.  It takes a sick individual to interpret their songs to mean it’s all right to murder and maim, but when that sick person is a key member of the “family,” the others will follow suit in their eagerness to belong.  I’m not saying ICP is responsible for juggalo behavior, but if they want to start throwing blame around for their fans looking bad, they need to start with themselves.


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  1. What?! You don’t have 100% faith in our Government? Hehe. 😉

  2. this is gonna be a longun…

    yeah..good luck to them suing the government or a subsidiary of the government…they best have clean lifestyles or going after the fbi is going to end up burning them baaaaaaaad. As much as I hate juggalos…something I watched allowed me to gain a little respect to one of the guys in icp…but only a little respect…behind his stupid clown thing he seems like a decent human being…and there ARE of course jugglaos that aren’t douchebags…but I’ve said it before and now I’m saying it again…those people have mostly distanced themselves from running around proclaiming they are a juggalo to everyone….they are kind of like the hardcore kid, the sxe kid, the whatever kid that keeps their shit to themself and doesn’t make a fuss about how awesome they are for what they are….Or could be they just grew out of the phase of stupidity…..although deeper than that…a TON of old juggalos and non juggafools but still icp fans have said the last ten years or so of the group have been awful…so the violent dipshit juggafucks that still are causing problems in society…are the fatherless 14 year old shits that can’t understand the difference between metaphors or concepts in a song that aren’t to be taken literally…

    Here’s the kicker. it goes far beyond juggalos….the fans of horrorcore that are ONLY into the horror core…do fucked up shit like raping their dead girlfriend…not all of them are juggalos…but by a couple degrees..hell one degree of separation…they may as well be because they are into that same scene ((icp is the tip of the iceberg…what they do is quite tasteful compared to some of that awful shit that people choose to take literally…….kind of like the dipshit death/black metal fans that take it to the extremes….certainly not a new phenomenon in music related culture by any means))

    maybe you’ve got more of a juggaproblem where you live….they are mostly an endangered species around here or at least they are rarely seen in public..and when they are there MIGHT be two maybe three of them…although even more often I only see one…..but it’s NOThING at all like it was a few years back when literal droves of them sat outside the mall begging or smokes or change…or wandered around in the mall aimlessly (((though could have something to do with the banning of icp wear….but they could have gotten around that somehow or another and still wandered the mall aimlessly..but nope..they don’t anymore)))

    Maybe it’s like many things popular culture..and there were a bunch of juggaposeurs….who as soon as it was no longer “cool” ((cuz it was quite mainstream for a good 5 years…at least around here))…moved on to something else….they are probably now ravers into dubstep that worship at the alter of skrillex….because hacky figureheads of a movement embraced by the mostly clueless music media are what make the world go round and keep them teeny boppers buying what the record man wants them to; never mind the fact no one is buying records…it’s an idea..(((I actually don’t hate skrillex..but I hate what he has become a figurehead for…OOOOOH dubstep? wow…that’s something they did in europe 8 years ago…but somehow the american version is something new…cept it’s not at all….OOOOH hey let’s get into edm now….let’s conveniently forget about what happened in the later 90s….electronic music has NEVER been this huge in america…*rolls eyes**….punk ass kids don’t know shit about the prodigy, orbital, underworld, and so on….somehow daft punk manages to be okay with the trendy little shits…endless cycle of people buying into what mass media propaganda wants them to….at least some people in all these cases see beyond what is shoved down their throat to find the better quality music that goes vastly under appreciated)))

    yep…..I think i may have to post a blog with the above..linking back to your blog….is it okay if i copy paste your blog and stick my reply under it? I’ll stick a link to your blog in with it…chances are no one will pay attention to it anyway..BUT…I’ve seemingly got a few random views never know

    • that just goes to show how little you understand about them. yes, you are correct in saying that some of the juggalos and juggalettes out there are indeed misguided and are treating what is supposed to be a family as a gang. i can’t stand those kind either, but to say we’re all alike is just ludicrous. ICP doesn’t condone all that gang shit, their message, if you pay attention, is about finding God, and giving those who come from broken homes, or those without family, people to come home to every day, people that will treat them with the love and respect they deserve. you really need to do your research before you go posting these types of comments…it shows severe ignorance on your part.

      • I think it needs to be understood that there is a big difference between people who enjoy ICP & face paint for fun and those people who are “hardcore” juggalos/ettes and buy into the BS, enjoy the violence and the nonsense, and act like fools. Music alone can’t twist a mind unless it’s willing to be twisted.
        As a sidenote, the KKK (for example) quotes the Bible quite frequently, so speaking about finding God doesn’t automatically mean that a group/band/person is worthwhile and good. Cult leaders will help people escape from bad situations and give them a new home, but that doesn’t make it a positive thing, not considering that the “rescued” person is going from one bad situation to another. Having a positive message is great, but when it comes from a toxic source, it becomes meaningless. The amount of juggalos/ettes who live on the negative end of the spectrum greatly outweigh the number of positive and end up giving the entire group a bad name. Thus far, yours is the only feedback I’ve received from an ICP fan/supporter that actually has some intelligence behind it. And sadly, you are the minority.

  3. juggalette4life

    I think its funny how u have a lot of shit to say about juggalos and juggalettes. I’m a lette till the day I die and I’m not an idiot I graduated the top in my class. Also have my homeland security had just finished Med school but we are idiots and morons. Having a 4.0 I guess I’m an idiot and know nothing. How about u get over yourself. Just asking a question if you raised your kids and one of them ended up being a murderer does that make it your fault that they ended up being a murderer? Like I said ist shut ur mouth u think your better and all but u know ur nothing special

    • If you’re going to try to make a valid argument and have your side be heard properly, the least you can do is take an extra five seconds to spell out “you” and “your.” Using proper punctuation wouldn’t kill you either, plus using “you’re” in the last sentence instead of making yourself look like an idiot by saying “your better.” Here you are, trying to prove you are intelligent and trying to prove that I’m wrong in my view that juggalos/ettes are lacking in certain areas of the intelligence department, and all you end up doing is proving my point. I don’t believe for a second that you have a 4.0 in anything but memorizing shitty ICP lyrics and face painting.
      I’m entitled to my opinion, and thus far, everything I have personally experienced, read about, researched, and the feedback from people like you have confirmed my belief that any person who slaps the juggalo/ette label on themselves is not a good person. Why would any intelligent person want to associate themselves with such a vile group that carries such a horrible reputation? Why be part of a “family” who does 10 negative actions for every 1 positive? If you want to call yourself a juggalette, you are accepting people like me thinking you’re a piece of trash. Comes with the territory, sweetie.
      I welcome a valid argument from anyone who has a basic grasp of the English language, unlike this “scholar” with the imagined 4.0.

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