RockStar Hair by Veronica Stuck

On Saturday, I finally overcame my fear of someone screwing up my hair and went to Rockstar Hair in New Palestine, IN to get my rat’s nest fixed.  My Twitter buddy Don Stuck had been talking about his wife’s salon for the past few weeks and had nothing but wonderful things to say about Veronica, his wife and the owner of Rockstar Hair.  I checked online and the reviews from past clients were amazing as well, so I made the appointment.

The salon is very easy to find; there is a giant sign up front, and Veronica’s bright yellow VW Bug is hard to miss.  The salon is visually incredible; autographed guitars and photographs, memorabilia from various concerts, a large fish tank with gorgeous fish, and overall a very funky feel.  Veronica is one of the most friendly people and I was greeted immediately with a big smile and a whole lot of energy.

As Veronica was finishing the dye on her first client, I wandered around the salon looking at all the decorations, checking out the scented candles, and peeking at Don Stuck’s book, 11 Through 20: The Next Ten Commandments.  Veronica asked what I was looking for and I had to honestly tell her that I had no idea.  I told her I like hair in my face and I want some color, but I didn’t really know what would work best.  She immediately ran over to the dyes and picked out a perfect shade of red.  The dye she used was one that didn’t require my hair (black and covered in permanent black dye) to be bleached first.  As we talked about everything imaginable, she wrapped my head in foil and had me dyed and ready to marinate in about ten minutes.

Normally, when I get dyed at a salon, I’m bored for the next half hour, but not so at Rockstar Hair.  Veronica kept the conversation going as she rinsed and cut her first client, plus the salon itself provides a ton of visual entertainment.  When it was time for my cut, I felt zero anxiety about getting something that didn’t work for me, something that rarely happens for me.  As Veronica worked her magic, the legend that is Don Stuck made an appearance!

The time flew by as we all talked and Veronica finished me up.  The results are amazing.

I will definitely be a return client, as this was without a doubt the best experience I’ve ever had with a salon and stylist.  I’ve gone to other salons, paid nearly twice what I paid at Rockstar Hair, and not received half of what I got with Veronica.  I’m incredibly happy to have found someone in Indiana who understands my hair and my style and who makes the experience a comfortable one that is about more than getting your hair done.

Her salon is on 47 West Main Street in New Palestine, IN 46163.  The phone number is 317-861-9050.  Visit her site here.  They are closed Sunday and Monday, but you can call anytime to request an appointment.  I’m on a mission today to leave rave reviews on every site I can find.  No matter what your style, your next haircut and color has to be at Rockstar Hair.


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