Tubberpottimus Strikes Again

I love Jimmy Johns.  Their subs are amazingly tasty, they are super speedy in preparation and delivery, and their employees are always friendly and pleasant.  My husband and I have one about 15 minutes from our home and one right down the street from the building where we work.  I love their online ordering system, which allows me to check nutritional information and perfectly customize my sub to my specifications.  Always extra avocado spread.  You can set your delivery to come now or at a future time for either delivery or pick-up.  It also allows you to name your sub whatever you want, which is just fun.

On Tuesday afternoon, as I wrapped up my lunch, my tubby coworker hopped on the phone to call in an order to Jimmy Johns.  If you’re familiar with me, she’s the one that I routinely comment on, due to the fact that she is a socially inept gossip with a mean streak and a huge appetite.  Tubbs phoned in her order and ten minutes later, went out front to retrieve it.  As I walked over to the copier to scan a few documents in, I noticed she was chowing down on two subs.  Normal for her, but it still struck me as a bit odd.

As Tubbs wrapped up her super sized lunch, my husband dropped into my office so we could walk down to the ID card office together and then hit the store for some freshly popped popcorn.  When I returned, I settled back at my desk ready for a peaceful popcorn break.  Sadly, the peaceful part was out of the question because Tubbs was on the phone and she was livid.  It turned out, she was on the phone with Jimmy Johns, claiming her order never came and she had been waiting for over an hour for her and her husband’s lunches.

After Tubbs concluded her verbal assault, including accusations of the driver showing up but not bothering to call her, no one taking down her order, and laziness, she slammed the phone down in the cradle and triumphantly stated “Well, my food should be here in five!”  Like clockwork, her phone beeped five minutes later and she walked out to retrieve her food.  According to her, the delivery driver called her a liar, stating that he was in fact there prior and did call.  She claims she put him in his place and she received her food for free after he threw away the receipt, thus destroying all evidence.  Tubbs then gets back on the phone.  She dials Jimmy Johns and tells them that she was called a liar by their employee.  She then phones her husband who comes down to retrieve his meal.  All things taken care of, she digs into her second lunch.

I wish I was making this up, and I wish I could still be somewhat surprised by her behavior, but two years of this woman has numbed me a bit.  After some thought, I retreated to a quiet corner of the building and called Jimmy Johns to defend the driver since I saw the first delivery and could confirm the person’s name and number who placed the order.  It may have been a waste of time, but it may have also saved someone from getting in trouble over someone’s lies in their awful attempt to get a free meal.  I would hate to think that someone would be fired because their manager thinks they called a customer a liar and gave away food for free after botching the original delivery an hour prior.

I find it disgusting when people take advantage of companies with excellent customer service in order to get freebies, discounts, or other special offers.  People who eat their entire meal, then complain of the taste of temperature when there is only a bite remaining on their plate.  People who rub their own makeup or deodorant on clothing in stores to try to get a discount on “damaged goods.”  People who claim a polite employee talked down to them in order to be spiteful and get a deal from a manager.  It’s horrible, it hurts employees and businesses, and it’s an underhanded thing to do.

Jimmy Johns didn’t lose much money due to Tubby’s behavior and the delivery guy likely wasn’t reprimanded, but that doesn’t make it any less wrong.  If there is a legitimate problem with services received or with customer service, by all means complain!  You just don’t get to create your own problems where none exist.  Your behavior tarnishes great companies and gets innocent employees in trouble for imagined mistakes.  That aside, it’s just plain wrong.  Sure, she got a couple free subs for her second lunch break, but she also revealed herself as even more of a horrible human being with her actions, and that kind of behavior always comes back to bite you in the ass.


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  1. So glad you called the company about Tubby. Too many people don’t take the time to say good things or help other people in those situations. I am sure the driver was really thankful for it…probably gave him a little boost to know that there are still good people in the world.

    As for Tubby…wow. Wow. I guess it’s not bad enough that her self-loathing and sloth is destroying her from the inside out but is also making her a mean and viscious human by engaging in pure evil and apathy with other people and their livelihood. Being a thief to boot is just the cherry on top of her sundae.

    This is why being an Athiest is easier. I can say without guilt that if she were to die, humanity as a whole would be better off because on net, she brings more evil into the world than what she tries to take away from it.

    As far as we know we only get one life, and how she treats herself and others shows how little she values it.

    • I hope she falls off a cliff 🙂
      I had to call. I generally wouldn’t intervene, but every single person I’ve interacted with at that location has been outstanding and I would hate for anyone to get in trouble or be reprimanded over a lie from a greedy pig.

  2. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment
    didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Regardless, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

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