No More Surprises

Last year around this time, Kevin Smith caught quite a bit of heat on Twitter for posting details about The Walking Dead; with as many followers as he has, the backlash was pretty intense.  This year, he has been innocent so far, but many other people have been picking up his slack and letting loose with key plot points and show details almost immediately after this show airs.  I’m not sure what it is about Walking Dead that causes people to go berserk, but it seems near impossible to avoid spoilers on Twitter unless Twitter is avoided altogether.

Sometimes people slip and that is completely understandable, especially if the show or movie in question is older or if you aren’t fully aware of who is paying attention to you and who isn’t  as up to date as you are.  I had one friend post their disappointment in the first major event on the latest Walking Dead episode and I can’t fault him for doing so at all because he’s so used to being behind in the series.  Everyone else, however, has little or no excuse and was just being a little careless, thoughtless, and/or acting on emotion rather than stopping to think that not all of us were able to watch live and witness the three major events as they happened in the last episode.

My complaint really isn’t with the people who slip up, it’s with the people who just don’t give a damn.  One of the Sunday night Walking Dead offenders decided it would be clever to hop on Twitter yesterday and be a total smart ass about posting spoilers, acting as though it is hilarious that they killed the surprise in that episode and seeming almost joyful that they made the viewing experience for some people much less enjoyable.  It takes a special kind of person to find joy in taking away surprise and suspense from someone who just wants to enjoy a damn television show.

One of my husband’s coworkers let loose with the details on the season finale of Dexter’s fourth season before we had a chance to start it; we didn’t have Showtime yet and had to wait for the DVD to be released.  My poor husband had to go through the entire season knowing exactly what to expect in the last couple of minutes.  That incident has made me much more aware of what I say and much more careful in my comments, as I don’t want to kill the viewing experience for anyone.  I have let a few details slip in the past and I find it important to be apologetic and ensure I don’t repeat the mistake.  It boggles my mind how people can not only speak totally uncensored, but can find it hilarious that they lessen another person’s experience with their comments.

I’ve already rid myself of two people who just don’t care, and I’m looking to add to that trash pile in the near future.  I’ve made myself clear on Twitter; if you blatantly post spoilers and especially if you think it’s funny, I’m done with you.  For me, it’s a matter of respect.  Sure, it’s a small issue and not even one of major importance, but I don’t see why I should associate myself with people who laugh when they ruin ends of movies and television episodes for other people.  If someone is that much of a jerk when it comes to something small like TV and movie spoilers, what kind of person are they when it comes to things that matter?



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  1. I don’t give a damn about people posting or myself posting tv spoilers. Movie spoilers a bit does annoy me. I don’t think I’m guilty of doing it myself….but I love love LOVE people who post faux spoilers. And if I were to do that kind of thing that is what I would do…….running joke in my family per a movie from the 80s…turner and hooch.

    “hooch dies”

    *******Spoiler alert********
    he doesn’t really….i don’t even know how we started it…but…yeah…
    ******spoiler alert over ******


    oh yeah..and of course I think those people posting spoilers are funny..sometimes douchey..but still something that amuses me..why? because it doesn’t get to me…and probably because I don’t watch dexter or the walking dead ((i really should watch the walking dead I think..but it’s just not doable….at least not until the library starts buying the dvds))

  2. woah when da fuck did i get that weird little icon next to my name..I don’t remember picking that ?

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