Chuck Pagano, coach of the Indianapolis Colts, was diagnosed with leukemia in September of this year and was forced to go on indefinite medical leave to deal with the disease.  Thankfully, the disease is now in remission and Pagano plans to be back on the sidelines for the December 30th regular season finale home game against Houston.  Some of the players have shaved their heads in support, and now one of their cheerleaders is trying to raise money for research by offering to shave her head as well.  The cheerleader, Megan, will have the Colts mascot do the honors if $10,000 is raised between now and November 25th.

I imagine that she will get quite a bit of attention from this, as any attractive female offering to go bald would, and hopefully it raises a nice amount of money for leukemia research.

I admire what Megan is doing.  It’s always a great thing when someone is willing to make a sacrifice, however big or small, in the interest of helping other people.  It’s even more admirable when it’s for such a great cause, something that could help save so many lives.  Following Megan’s lead, you have these guys:

Look out, Megan, you’ve got some serious competition!  These guys from my office are going to have their heads shaved on Tuesday, November 20th, by our branch chief.  In addition to taking donations for the head shaving event, our accounting office is having a chili dog lunch for $2 donations that will also go towards leukemia research.  The goal is $300 and as I write this, we are only at $105.  A hundred and five?  Four donations?  Come on… clearly we can do better.

Please go here: and make a donation.  Go Fund Me requires a minimum of $5 per donation, but other than that one stipulation, please feel free to donate whatever amount you would like.  You can have your name post with your donation or make it anonymously.  After Go Fund Me deducts their fee for using their site, 100% of the remaining funds are being directly donated to leukemia research.  If you have questions or require more details, use the site to contact the organizer or let me know and I’ll pass it along.  And PLEASE help us spread the word so we can get lots of cash rolling in!  Tell everyone!!!

(I will be posting photos of the event and of the hair-free aftermath provided that you go donate and either let me know here OR post in the comment section of your donation that Jamie sent you over!)


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