Some Guys Never Learn

Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna in 2009, causing physical damage and leaving her battered and weak; the photos of the aftermath were horrible.  He pled guilty to the assault and proceeded to go on to fix his life and make countless improvements.  Wait… no, he went on to have a hissy fit on Good Morning America and throw a chair into a window, fight with fellow musician Drake at a nightclub, and continuously act inappropriate on Twitter by posting horrible comments and starting feuds with people ranging from the girl with 10 followers to the guy with a million.  His most recent offense took place a few days ago between him and comedian/writer Jenny Johnson.

Johnson’s comment on his tweet about looking old started a war.  As a celebrity, one should be prepared for criticism, and Brown should be more prepared than most.  Considering his laundry list of negative actions and his total lack of remorse, he is quite the easy target.  Rather than ignore her or at least come up with a clever quip in response, he resorted to grotesque and childish retorts that Johnson easily countered and make him look even more foolish than before:

I’m not a Jenny Johnson fan.  Nothing against her, I’m simply not into her tweets and I gave up on following her after only a couple weeks, back when Twitter was still new to me.  That said, I have to commend her for not only coming out on top with these exchanges, but for shaking Brown up so badly that he either took it upon himself to delete his Twitter account or was advised to by his manager or another person on the management staff.  The majority of men who beat women are cowards at heart, and Brown definitely fits into that category by fleeing Twitter.

What annoys me about Brown, other than what he did to Rihanna, is his “I don’t give a damn” attitude about that incident and about life in general.  His fan base has remained loyal, resulting in his music career to continue to flourish, and I have to wonder if he interprets that as being completely forgiven for his actions and now able to do or say whatever he wants.  Not once has Brown acted as though he knows he did something inappropriate and unacceptable, he simply continues down this dark road, doing and saying things we can’t help but cringe at.

The aforementioned fan base who keeps Brown on a pedestal is also very telling.  Negativity attracts negativity, low class people tend to migrate towards other low class people, and ignorant people look up to other ignorant people.  Brown’s fans made themselves look just as classy as the singer himself, which is to say they acted with no class at all.  After the heated Twitter debate (massacre, really) between Johnson and Brown, many of the fans took to Twitter and began attacking Johnson:

After Brown deleted his Twitter account, the comments from his fans became much worse:

Johnson is a big girl and can take care of herself.  She, like Brown, must expect a bit of negativity to come her way since she is a public figure.  Although nowhere near Brown’s status, she puts herself out there on a daily basis and willingly engages in these type of exchanges with people.  She knew full well that Brown and his fans would react the way they did and while she probably didn’t expect to have so many people want to kill her, she had to expect the rage.  I don’t feel pity for her, as these threats are likely empty and said only in the heat of the moment, and I would expect she won’t be looking for pity herself.

What worries me with this incident is not the safety of Johnson or anyone else who chooses to speak ill of Brown publicly.  What worries me is the amount of people defending a man that said he will shit and fart on a female because she insulted him.  Brown sounded like a rejected script from Beavis and Butthead and as a result, dozens upon dozens of people rush to his defense by saying they will stab and murder those who don’t love him like they do.  This mentality frightens me.  Even if we forgive Brown for his actions in the past, how can anyone justify defending his grotesque insults and put all of the fault on the woman who actually has a strong grasp on the English language?  Why are all of these people coming to his defense?

Someone who behaves and speaks like Chris Brown should not be idolized and should not be rewarded for bad behavior.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what has happened.  Rihanna has seemingly forgiven him for the attack and his fans rally behind him, showing Brown that only the “haters” continue to fault him for the assault.  Those “haters” are the same ones who find his actions foolish (bar fights, social media wars, etc) and those “haters” are all wrong.  This strange mentality has allowed this Twitter incident to happen and has bred these death threats.  This mentality has put us in a place where we fault the strong and outspoken female rather than the woman beating, immature man-child with tendencies to have random violent outbursts.

If it was my husband who battered my face, threw a chair into a window because of the rage he felt over being judged because of it, started fights at bars, and told a stranger to suck his dick while he shit on her, how many people out there would declare themselves to be Team Baker?  Who would rally behind him?  His friends would likely take my side as the beaten woman, faulting him for his actions and possibly writing him off altogether.  No one would be tolerant of the way he spoke to people, combining bathroom activities with sexual ones and using that as an insult.  He would be shamed for his actions and forced to either change or to be alone.

Achieving fame shouldn’t be a get out of jail free card.  Fans shouldn’t be so forgiving of a person simply because they enjoy that person’s art, be it musical or otherwise.  It bothers me that Brown gets a pass simply because he’s made some catchy music, but it bothers me more that nobodies like me are jumping to his defense after the lewd things he said.  It frightens me that people can be so ignorant and so incredibly stupid in their thoughts and actions.  It saddens me that the focus is on Johnson when it should be on the sheep who attacked her and on the man who was the catalyst.  It angers me that someone can say “I should fart while ur giving me top” and have people applaud it.

Celebrities are no better or worse than the rest of us normal people wandering the world.  They aren’t changing the world the way certain doctors and scientists are, they aren’t giving their entire lives over to someone else the way nuns give their lives to God, and they aren’t above us in any way other than with their pay grade.  With the exception of very few, celebrities are simply regular people who happen to have a skill that the masses enjoy or they happen to be interesting enough to warrant cameras following them around.  We need to view celebrities the way we view any other person on the street or in the office, and we need to begin doing it now.  If this incident with Brown and Johnson is an indicator of the new normal, where we applaud a person’s bad behavior and fling threats against those who disagree with our love of  their smut, then society truly has failed.


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  1. Love the post will be back again to visit and tell friends about excellent site and original posts.

  2. Saying that they’re both victims doesn’t really mean anything. Well, except for the fact that Rihanna is a victim of Chris Brown’s physical assault, and Chris Brown was a victim of his childhood…and chooses to continue to be a victim of that childhood by refusing to seek treatment to manage his anger issues. Make the distinction. Also, if I throw a pebble at you with an aim that doesn’t even make contact to your physical person, that doesn’t mean you have the right to get a bulldozer and release a boulder a top of me. Are you feeling me? In other words, we are all responsible for our own reactions-regardless of the injustice of the action taken against us.

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