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I heard the news that Kim Kardashian is expecting a child with Kanye West in what seemed like record time.  Not being a fan of Kim or concerned with anything but Kanye’s music, I wasn’t reading gossip columns on entertainment sites or checking in on their Facebook pages.  I heard the news via Twitter from people mocking the fact that Kim is knocked up by another man before her divorce has been finalized.  I doubt the pregnancy test had even been disposed of when the news hit my ears.  While you could blame Twitter for the speed of the pregnancy getting from them to me, the true cause is the attention seeking couple who live their life like an open wound combined with the blood hungry paparazzi who devour juicy information like starving dogs.

Recently, a photographer was killed while attempting to catch a few shots of Justin Bieber.  The freelance photographer was killed by another driver as he crossed the highway to snap a photo of Bieber’s car which was pulled onto the side of the road by police for speeding.  Bieber, who wasn’t even in the car, expressed his regret for the preventable incident that would not have happened if not for the public’s insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip.  This is nothing new, as we learned years ago with Princess Diana and her tragic accident, but it’s also nothing that seems to be much of a concern to anyone.  All we are concerned with is having the most up to date information on our favorite famous faces.  It doesn’t matter who gets hurt so long as the details are readily available.


I for one have had enough.  I’m beyond exhausted with the overwhelming amount of useless information I receive on a daily basis about famous people I don’t have any interest in, especially since I am in no way seeking this information out.  I cannot understand why people who have achieved fame are giving in to the public demand and not even trying to be secretive when it comes to their personal lives and I cannot understand why anyone would put their safety at risk for a photo or a comment from one of the famed who are trying to have a private moment.  Both sides are at fault here for giving into the public hunger for information, and those demanding this information should be ashamed of themselves for the mess they have created.

Discovering that you are expecting a child is a special time, but also a personal one.  It should not be advertised to the world before the family is even able to find out and process the information.  It should not be broadcast so loudly and so broadly that people have no choice in whether or not they hear the gritty details.  It should not be reported along with real news stories and should not dominate web sites that aren’t dedicated to entertainment and gossip.  It should not matter to the general public and should not have the power to make or break our day.  It should not carry the weight that it does and become a must-know fact that requires constant updating.  It should not be this important to us.


The thing that gets me the most is that Kim is among that special category of celebrity who is famous for absolutely no good reason.  She’s not famous because she’s talented, she didn’t create something that changed the world, she didn’t save a life or overcome an obstacle, and she didn’t do anything worthwhile.  Kim made a sex tape, propelling her into the limelight, and now people are obsessed with her and her family.  Her video was the beginning of what unfortunately seems to be an endless fairy tale about all things Kim.  And because of this odd fascination with her, we have awful reality shows and a constant barrage of photos and gossip related to every single solitary move she or her family makes.  It’s disgusting.

Celebrity gossip is perfectly fine in moderation.  When it’s distributed and received in small doses, it’s perfectly healthy.  When it gets to the point where every move and word is documented and immediately reported on, it becomes a sickness.  This sickness infects not only those who receive the information, but those who put it out there; the celebrity themselves and the news outlet or lucky photographer.  More information equals more sickness, bringing us to our current state where nothing is sacred and privacy is an afterthought.


The entertainment industry is composed of a simple supply and demand structure.  The public expresses their wants and the media outlets and celebrities must deliver.  If the public loses interest, as we see with many new television shows, the creation and the creators cease to exist.  If we simply tone down our rabid hunger for this useless information, the flow of information to us will slow down, with some of it fading away entirely.  I would hate to think that I live in a world surrounded by people who care more about Kanye’s sex life than they do the future of the country, their children’s education, or any of the numerous other issues that are infinitely more important than who has the best beach body.

Discussing the newly pregnant pair on my page is a bit counterproductive, I will admit, but I hope it was worth doing in order to get my point across properly.  It needs to be understood how stupid it is to be so invested in the lives of someone simply because they were in a movie we liked or because they are plastered on the covers of magazines.  We can do so much with our current social media network, so why waste our time on trivial things like “Kimye” (gag), Lindsay Lohan’s latest legal mess, or whether or not Jessica Simpson can fit in a size 2 pair of pants?  We don’t have to give up our interest, but we definitely need to put things into perspective and tone down the constant barrage of drivel.  Please.


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  1. he is way too sexy for his shirt! he shouldn’t be waring? it!

  2. Deepika? will do ANYTHING for fame she is ready?

    to show herself half naked & do dirty? stuff Just to get attention SO CHEAP that’s why she will never be a good actress

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