Tattoo Nightmares

It’s not a secret that I’m a tattoo fanatic.  I’ve been fascinated by them ever since I saw my first one as a child, got my first when I was 21 and finally worked up the courage to face a needle, and I’m currently wearing eight in various locations.  I’m also big on anything in the media that is ink related.  One of my favorite new shows is Tattoo Nightmares, a show on Spike that follows three talented artists as they work to cover up and repair awful tattoos.  Tommy Helm, who was a contestant on Ink Master and almost walked away with the prize, has teamed up with fellow artists Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez to help people who have taken a wrong turn, met with the wrong artist, made a seriously poor decision, or have moved on from the person they were when they got the tattoo in question.


I am a huge fan of this show and glad that it was given a second season.  These artists do more than give cover ups, they provide amazing artwork and a bit of therapy for people who are trying to move on and move forward in their lives without having an eyesore of a reminder of past mistakes and bad memories.  They take away the ugly and embarrassing and replace it with beauty, something that their client can be proud of.  Whether the client is one who was acting foolish and brought the bad ink on themselves or the client longs to erase an ex’s initials or another reminder of something lost, they are all treated with dignity and respect, receiving the best artwork that this trio has to offer.

As of today, I am officially in the running to be a client on the second season of Tattoo Nightmares.  I am one of the many unfortunate souls out there who took a bad turn when it comes to body art and I am now left with something I want to get rid of every time I see it.  I got the ink done at a time in my life when things were in shambles and it was without a doubt a very poor decision on my part.  I’ve been stuck with it since late 2005 and I’m at the point in my life where being “stuck with” something is unacceptable.  I want it gone.


I don’t want to put too many details about what I have and why I have it, just in case I do get lucky enough to be chosen for the show, but it’s in a similar spot to the woman pictured above and probably much worse than what she is getting covered.  I’m thankful that my husband doesn’t mind it or criticize it, but it bothers me that he has to see it.  I don’t even like seeing it.  Being chosen to be a Tattoo Nightmares client would be a fantastic opportunity, make for a great road trip, and put a giant smile on my face.  My chances are slim to none, but a girl can have hope.

The good thing about my bad ink is that it has taught me to never made a poor decision about something so permanent, ink or otherwise.  It’s a reminder of how much I’ve grown over the past few years, and although I want it gone, it was a learning experience and that makes it worthwhile.  That being said, I am keeping everything crossed in the hopes that I hear back from Spike and I get chosen to be on the show.  Wish me luck!


Have you gotten a tattoo you regret?  Or, is there anything you’ve done that you regret which still follows you around today?  Share!


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  1. Interesting topic Jamie. I have had a lot of friends try to convince me to get a tattoo and though I’ve thought about it, I never got one because I never really found anything I really felt strongly enough about to have indellibly inked.

    Now that I’m older (much) I’ve been considering it more. Still haven’t found anything that hits the right chord but if I ever do, I might make the leap.

    I wish you luck on the show!

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