I’m Back

I took a vacation from blogging last week, as you may have noticed.  It wasn’t due to lack of things to ramble on about, but was unfortunately due to a case of the sickies.  My son fell ill near the end of January with a fever, a stomach virus, and a pretty bad cough.  I had to rescue him from school one day after his fever spiked and he was sent to the nurse to rest.  I usually end up catching whatever bug he gets, so I was fully expecting to have a bit of a cold.  He bounced back fairly quickly and I was left with a bit of a sore throat, but nothing too serious.

Super Bowl Sunday rolled around and while my husband and I didn’t have big plans to watch the game and get tipsy, we did spend a bit of cash on some imported beers and were planning on at least having a drink or two.  No such luck; I spent the entire Sunday alternating between lying miserable in bed and with my head in the toilet throwing up what little food and liquids I had in my stomach.  My chest burned with every cough or sneeze that escaped and my voice was nearly nonexistent.  My husband was wonderful and did what he could for me, but nothing gave me any relief.


After what felt like an eternity of coughing, feeling feverish, having no appetite, and being beyond exhausted, I finally got a diagnosis of bronchitis.  If you’re like me and have no idea what this is, it’s an inflammation of the bronchial passages in the lungs.  As the membranes swell, the coughing begins.  Because mine was so severe, I had to be put on a steroid to reduce the swelling as well as an antibiotic to combat the original infection that got everything going.  Today is day 5 of my medicine and I still feel horrible.  My head is pounding, I can’t take a deep breath, the cough won’t let up, and I feel like a swollen pumpkin from the neck up.


Thankfully, I’m not a smoker and I’m not around people who smoke, so my recovery time should be fairly speedy.  Bronchitis isn’t exactly the most serious thing in the world, but it did manage to scare me a bit.  Not being able to breathe properly has left me incredibly fatigued and weak.  I have been using every free minute of my time to sleep and I still feel incredibly tired.  The doctor I saw was also concerned about the lack of oxygen in my blood, which was yet another thing I wasn’t thinking about while lying in bed and trying not to die.  I’m used to easy to handle illnesses, solved by Dayquil and possibly antibiotics.  My lungs aren’t generally a concern.

I’ve never been one of those people who has to consult WebMD for every tiny ailment, always assuming the worst and worrying needlessly about every ache and pain.  That lack of worry may not be the greatest thing for me anymore though.  I don’t need to descend into a state of paranoia, but I probably do need to be more proactive and aware of what my body is doing, or not doing.  I probably need to pay more attention to the little things instead of writing everything off as just a yearly cold or little virus.  The fact that my lungs got screwed up genuinely worries me.


Thankfully, I’m currently upright and well enough to type away without too much discomfort.  I’m trying to ignore the nausea that the medication is bringing on and get through the day so I can get back to my blankets and forget the world exists, but I’m also making a mental note to be more aware of what is going on with my body.  31 isn’t old, but it also means I’m not a kid anymore and I can’t expect every illness to come and go without fanfare.  I’m just glad to be amongst the living once again and back to blogging.  I’ve missed it here.


About Jamie C. Baker

“Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” - Kevin Smith

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  1. I hope that you return to full health as soon as possible!

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