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Kevin Smith is one of my all time favorite storytellers.  I was hooked with Clerks and proceeded to devour everything he put out, from the movies to the books to the films he’s featured in solely as an actor to the podcasts to Comic Book Men, and so on.  Sadly for me, it has been quite some time since I’ve been able to see one of his films in the theater; when Clerks II came out, I was too broke to even consider it, and Red State wasn’t mass released in theaters and sold out before I could snag tickets.  Luckily for me, Jay Mewes happened to pop on the radio while my husband and I were driving to work, talking about the release of Smith’s latest movie, Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.


Naturally, I went into OMG-mode and immediately hopped on the computer to find out if they were showing the movie anywhere near me.  As luck would have it, a stop was planned at The Vic Theater in Chicago, Illinois on May 19th!  This was perfect; it’s close to my birthday and it’s in my new favorite city at a venue that my husband and I have been to and enjoyed.  I was even more thrilled when I found out about the Meet and Greet packages that were for sale as well.  After a frantic back and forth with my husband through emails, I began the process of purchasing my VIP packages…..

…..only to discover at checkout that they were all sold out.  As is my nature, I took to Twitter to vent my frustrations:  “Officially the shittiest day ever.  Dunkin didn’t toast my english muffin and the VIP packages for @ThatKevinSmith in Chicago are sold out.”  “I’m off to go play in traffic now… 😦 WHY CAN’T I MEET @ThatKevinSmith & @JayMewes for my birthday, damn it?!???!?”  “@ThatKevinSmith Chicago VIP packages are sold out. Birthday fail for me :(”  “I think I should tweet @ThatKevinSmith until he takes pity on me & throws me a Chicago VIP package that I can buy #SoldOutSucks”


There was a method to my madness.  When Comic Book Men premiered, I mentioned something about it on Twitter and Kevin Smith ended up favoriting that tweet.  I figured that if I got him to unintentionally notice me once, surely I could purposely get him to take notice again.  Plus it wasn’t as though I was begging for something free.  I’ll pay, I just need the chance.  I kept trying, with:  “@ThatKevinSmith sell me a VIP package for Chicago! My birthday is 11 days afterward. Present for a fan? #SoldOutSucks #BeggingFTW.”  My efforts were proving fruitless, and my day was brightened only by my mom-in-law taking a lunch run to Quiznos to grab us some delicious toasty subs.

As I’m lunching and complaining, out of nowhere, Mewes speaks!  He tells me there are 2 VIP tickets left in Chicago.  After I get over the initial shock of Mewes actually noticing my Twitter nonsense, I hop back on the site and try once again to get the VIP packages.  Now, instead of having the option to purchase, they are stamped with the SOLD OUT symbol and I can’t even click on it to proceed.  Disheartened, I return to Twitter to tell Jay thank you, but sadly no go.  He not only answers again, but we proceed to have a freaking conversation as I silently fan-girl out.


I would love to tell you that I was able to get those VIP passes that day, but I wasn’t.  The site wouldn’t cooperate and it all just seemed like a random cool experience that would be a nice memory but wouldn’t get me those passes.   I let it go and ended up having a nice surprise waiting for me at home:


Fast forward a bit; I get contacted from Topspin Media who handles the SmodCo ticketing for the show.  I’m informed that because of the Twitter exchange, Jay has contacted them and they were able to release two more VIP packages that they are holding FOR ME!  The amazing customer service rep walks me through the online finalization process to get the order completed while acting amazed that I was able to pull this off.  I’m holding my breath until that moment when I get the confirmation email and I know for sure that I will meet Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes!!!  And of course, I must brag:


And what are the chances, Smith takes notice yet again!  I’m absolutely stoked to be able to meet these two in Chicago while on a mini-vacation with my husband.  Chances are, I will forget how to talk and babble something like a moron as I get my photo taken, but it’ll be worth it.  Meeting Kevin Smith was a bucket list item for me and I’m so happy to be able to cross it off next month.  I can’t ask for a better birthday present.

It just goes to show you the true power of Twitter.  What began as just another one of my morning rants turned into a conversation with Mewes that scored me two sold out VIP passes in a city I’ve been dying to get back to.  I’m still a bit awed that it worked, as I’m not big on harassing people on Twitter or elsewhere for personal gain.  But it worked, and I can’t be happier.  Now, someone please help me figure out what in the holy hell I’m supposed to say when I meet them!


About Jamie C. Baker

“Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” - Kevin Smith

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  1. say “sup”

    I’d say…’kevin..used to be a big fan..then you discovered or decided you need weed in your life to create’….hahahaha.

    it’s amazing the number of contradictions that I’ve heard spewed from kevin’s mouth. I think I still consider myself a fan of his movies…less so of him. Maybe he will redeem himself to me..probably not…shit happens. Mewes remains a cool mofo…at least by all accounts I’ve heard/read/whatever. shit for you though 😀

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