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MTV’s Jersey Shore was the definition of a trainwreck.  It featured self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes spending obscene amounts of time consuming alcohol and having sex with strangers.  This was of course in between their workouts at the gym, laying in tanning beds, and dropping off their laundry.  Oh, and there was the “job” every season where they worked a few hours a week, if you consider their half-ass efforts as work.  People were arrested, or just thrown out of bars for fighting on a good night.  Tears were shed frequently as mistake after mistake was made.  In spite of being composed of every horrible element you could throw into a show, it was popular enough to last six seasons.


MTV isn’t a network that shies away from a money making opportunity, regardless of whether or not the money comes from something of quality or something trashy.  Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley, AKA Snooki and JWOWW, were given a spinoff where they live together and do… whatever it is the pair does.  They have also done reasonably well as authors and have also branched out into design and beauty products based around their personal brand and style.  Pauly D. received a spinoff as well, The Pauly D Project, but it did not fare as well as his former female housemates.  I heard a rumor of a Sammi and Ronnie spin-off, which would be great for fans of Maury who desire more pointless fighting and stupid drama in their television lineup.  When MTV announced that Vinny was the next to get his own show, my reaction was a very dramatic eye-roll.

The Show With Vinny is billed as a talk show, but takes place in Vinny’s mother’s home where he still lives.  His mother, the typical loving Italian mom with a love of cooking and overfeeding everyone, is a charming woman with many unintentional hilarious moments.  Vinny’s Uncle Nino is a hot mess; the mind and attitude of a 20-year-old frat boy in the body of an aging Italian man.  Vinny’s sisters are also present, though not focused on too often.  Unlike the other Jersey Shore spinoffs, The Show puts the focus on celebrity guests rather than on Vinny’s personal life and partying.

Photo by Scott Gries/MTV

The premiere episode of The Show featured Lil Wayne and Jenna Marbles as guests.  I enjoyed seeing Lil Wayne; he showed a shy and soft side of himself that I’ve never seen before.  It was pretty funny to see Vinny’s mother bagging up some to-go goodies for Lil Wayne and his crew as they departed for the skate park so Wayne could show off and Vinny could injure himself.  I had no idea who Jenna Marbles was and really wasn’t too impressed with her, although she and Vinny did manage to produce some funny moments.  Her time with Vinny was mostly spent with her trying way too hard to be sexy as Vinny tried way too hard to work his game on her.  All in all though, it was a decent show.

If any spinoff has a chance of surviving, it’ll be this one.  Vinny is the most well-rounded and the most stable out of the entire Jersey Shore cast, which is like naming the sweetest murderer on death row, but Vinny is the only one who seems to still have a hold of his humble side.  He’s not shy about having casual sex on camera, but does seem to enjoy his privacy and manages to stay out of the spotlight when it comes to his personal life.  If he can manage to keep things light and witty with his guests, ensure the show does not become centered around him, and keep things unpredictable, his show has a good chance of having a strong run.


The nice thing about The Show is that it’s not one that demands the viewer be a fan of the Jersey Shore.  Thus far, it does not look like we’ll be seeing people fall down drunk, pee in bushes, and smash grenades.  Upcoming guest stars include Whitney Cummings, Mark Walhberg, Jenny McCarthy, Tyler the Creator, and more.  Sounds promising, but the next episode is bringing us Scott Disick as one of the guest “stars,” and that guy is a sorry excuse for a celebrity and a human being.  Thankfully, the good seem to outweigh the bad when it comes to the scheduled guests, so hopefully the producers can continue to ensure they know the proper definition of star and are able to stay away from booking the Disick class of celebrity too often.

Will The Show survive?  It’s hard to tell.  The Italian family charm and Uncle Nino antics do have the potential to get old if the focus is too heavy or if producers prod the family to go overboard.  Vinny could doom himself if he makes the show more about himself than about the guests, but he also needs to take care to ensure that he does inject a small amount of his personal life into each episode to keep the welcoming feeling alive.  This concept is not completely original, but it is different from other reality-based shows on right now and that helps make it appealing.  Now let’s see if Vinny and MTV can manage to keep this show alive in spite of its lack of jello shots, nudity, and Snooki’s whining.  Oh wait…



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  1. I would like to see Dennis Rodman at Vinny’s house.

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