Eight Is Great


My little boy turned eight years old yesterday!!  Like most parents, I am sitting here wondering where the time went.  It seems like only yesterday he was waking me up every two hours needing to be fed and changed.  Taking his first steps, saying his first words, and finding new ways to surprise me each and every day.  Since his birthday was on a Monday this year, we worked to make sure he had a fun weekend beforehand, filled with games and outings and anything else his heart desired.  Monday was all about the presents!


My boy is a very curious and intelligent kid.  He’s always asking questions and always wanting to take the extra step to figure something out.  He’s very creative and never ceases to amaze me with the things he can come up with.  He’s also shaping up to be a very skilled writer, earning himself the title of Author Of The Month every year of his still short elementary school career.


Like any kid, he is big into lots of toys and lots of sweets.  I think we definitely delivered on both.  He had a giant pile of presents, a brownie sundae at dinner, and a yummy chocolate cake.  Since he was way too excited for cake yesterday, I put some with his lunch today so he’ll have a nice chocolately surprise with his lunch today at school.  No doubt he’ll also be bragging to his friends about his day yesterday.


Buying gifts for him now as an eight year old presents a little more of a challenge than it did in the years past.  He is very particular about his likes and dislikes.  He’s also (thankfully) polite enough to hide it when he’s not so impressed with a gift he gets.  No kid gets thrilled about a pack of underwear, but you couldn’t tell by his reaction when he opened that gift from his grandma.  Then again, it’s a bit hard not to get a little happy about superhero boxers.


He is big into wrestling and constantly tosses around the idea of being a WWE Superstar when he’s older.  There’s no telling whether or not he’ll actually pursue that when he’s older, but I love how into it he is right now.  My hope is that he behaves well enough during the first half of the school year so I can get him into wrestling during the winter in his school.


He is also a big fan of Legos, but who isn’t?  He’s become very skilled at following the instructions to quickly build various creations, and then taking it all apart to build his own from scratch.  Legos were a huge part of my childhood and it’s fun to see my boy having fun with them as well.  Just as long as he cleans up so they don’t end up lodged in the bottom of my foot late at night.


He has become picky as well about the clothes he wears, the way his hair is styled, and about his overall appearance.  We try to be very lenient and allow him to pick and choose what he’ll wear and how his hair is cut.  He had a mohawk all summer that he just adored and currently has plans to grow his hair out so he can have “crooked hair” like he saw in a magazine at Sports Clips a month back.  We’ll see how that one goes.


The gift he was most excited about was a Nintendo DS.  He has been wanting this thing for a couple of years now, but hasn’t managed to act responsible enough to get it until this year.  We were incredibly happy to finally get it for him.  His reaction was priceless!  Very grateful for Gamestop; we were able to get eight games for under $60 to get him started.


Overall, I think he had a fantastic few days to celebrate his birthday.  He was up before I was this morning playing with the DS, so I think it’s safe to say that he loves the thing.  Our little boy is growing up and I love that kid to pieces.  Here’s hoping year eight is just as great as the previous seven.


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