My husband and I watched MTV’s Video Music Awards last night.  By watched I mean we fast forwarded through most of the show because it seems to be less and less about the music and more about which celebrity is doing the strangest thing or which celebrity is having the craziest reaction while sitting in the audience.  I honestly don’t even know if there was a host this year, or even if a host would do any good at this point.  Viewership for this year’s VMA was up by 66% from last year and I am lost as to why (although I remember very little about last year except for the fact that few awards were handed out on air in order to make room for performances).  I’m glad we chose to DVR the show and watch it later because it was a total let down.

The big deal of the night was Miley Cyrus, something made apparent by the immediate explosion on Twitter and the huge amount of coverage it received the following day on everywhere from CNN to E! Online.  If you missed it, Miley made her way onto the stage, tongue flapping out of the side of her mouth, wearing a strange furry teddy bear one piece that looks like it wanted to be lingerie but wasn’t quite sure how.  She “danced” around to her new song, We Can’t Stop, while people wearing teddy bears on their backs danced around her.  She shoved her face into a dancer’s large behind.  It was awkward.


Eventually, Miley tore off the teddy bear costume piece to reveal a flesh-colored latex two piece outfit that was not as flattering as she must have thought it would be.  A quick search online can show you all the unflattering things that her unfortunate looking backside is being compared to.  Miley proceeded to rub her ass on Robin Thicke as the two performed a duet of his song, Blurred Lines.  As the mashup of songs continued, Miley proceeded to molest Thicke and herself with a foam finger.  To say the whole spectacle was strange would be a gross understatement.  It was uncomfortable to watch and it made me embarrassed for her.

I understand the need to break out of the child star image, so I get that Miley is trying to be taken seriously and wanting to be seen as an adult rather than as Hannah Montana.  But I fail to see how this display is doing anything positive for her in her career.  What Miley is doing isn’t sexy or edgy, it’s desperate.  She is the girl we all went to school with or worked with who discovers that guys pay attention to girls who show skin and who then proceeds to take that to the extreme and wear as little as humanly possible.  She is the girl who thinks guys are turned on by duck face photos.  She is the girl who craves attention in any form, be it positive or negative.  She is confused.


I’m not trying to bash Miley (too badly) but simply trying to point out that her actions are the wrong way to go about showing the world that you are an adult and showing the world that you are sexy and desirable.  As a performer, she has to take risks and think outside of the box, but that doesn’t have to translate into behaving like a sloppy drunk girl at a local bar.  She can be sexy without putting on an outfit so tight that her rear is morphed into the antithesis of what it means to be sexy.  If she succeeded at anything, Miley successfully showed the world that she is not above making a fool of herself in public in order to prove a point that didn’t need proving.


I’m not one that is up in arms about her behavior because I expect her to be some sort of role model.  She left Disney behind and is free to do whatever she wants as an adult in the entertainment industry.  While she has Disney to thank for her fame, she doesn’t owe them anything and has no obligation to hang onto a squeaky clean image simply because it would appease them.  That said, there is a right way and a wrong way to separate one’s self from the pack.  Showing us how long your tongue is while humping a married man isn’t the right way.  Look at Britney Spears (pre crazy) when she performed Slave 4 U with a snake on her back.  That was sexy without being raunchy and cringe-worthy.  I’m not even a fan of Spears, and I’ll admit that what she did worked in breaking her image as a young girl and showing the world she was a sexy woman.

Making the transition from childhood to adulthood is hard on all of us, and I can’t imagine how much harder it is when you’re in the spotlight most of the time.  I would think that the constant attention would make one more cautious, but even super sweet Taylor Swift was shown twice acting bitter about her ex during the show in between sad “cutesy” displays to the camera.  Britney went nuts with a razor and umbrella, Amanda Bynes is finally getting help, and then you have the group of child stars who just vanish into obscurity and/or a sea of substance abuse.  From what we see and from what she’s directly said, Miley is using drugs and in danger of becoming one of those faded stars that we wonder about briefly before getting back to the undamaged talent still out there.


If we can learn anything from Miley, it’s what not to do.  As far as where she goes from here, it’s not our place to say what she should and shouldn’t do.  She sure as hell won’t be stopping by here to get advice from me, and it;’s doubtful that she’ll be seeking advice from any of you or from any of the so-called experts on celebrities or from actual experts with degrees to back up their statements.  I just hope that she realizes how foolish she looks and puts a lid on it before it’s too late.  No one can do anything nowadays without having it recorded for eternity, but we all can run damage control after the fact and ensure that we don’t repeat mistakes.  Reign in the crazy, learn to be sexy for yourself instead of trying to appease the masses, and keep your damn tongue in your mouth.


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  1. One of the more recent reports on such things says her net worth is around 150 million dollars. She can afford to act as crazy as she wants, tell everyone to fuck off and then fade into obscurity and do whatever she wants to do for the rest of her life.

  2. Cyrus has constantly been criticized in the tabloids for being too thin, dating older guys, showing too much skin in photos, and of course, who can forget the pot controversy. As soon as she left the safety of Disney’s arms, the now-19 year old faced it all. These are pretty tough hits from the public, especially at such an impressionable age, but if anything, Cyrus has shown young girls exactly how to handle the criticism: with resiliency.

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  5. Why is it that every time I see a picture of this girl…her tongue is sticking out? Either she always has her tongue out, or the universe is aligning in comedy to make sure her tongue happens to be out every time a photographer takes a picture. Am I out of touch on this one. Is that her trademark now or something?

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