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Back in December 2013, my husband sent me a link to, a site he had stumbled upon and thought I would be interested in.  The site, services and products are all geared towards women who lead a busy life but who also want to be sexy, strong, balanced, and healthy.  Since I was desiring to lose 10 pounds when I received the site link (it’s ALWAYS 10 pounds, as I focus more on how I look/feel rather than what I weigh), I made a plan to get some supplements and get a plan going after the holidays.


I started my healthy eating plan and exercise regimen on January 6, 2014, then started my Fitmiss products on January 9th after they arrived in the mail very shortly after purchase.  I began with Burn and Tone; was running a buy one get one free special that I had to take advantage of.  Burn is a 6 stage fat loss system; energy, focus, appetite reduction, fat metabolizer, anti-stress and mood balancer, water shed diuretic complex, and enzymatic matrix.  You take two supplements prior to a healthy breakfast and/or lunch.  Tone reduces body fat and increases muscle tone; it contains CLA to support weight loss and promote healthy metabolism, virgin olive oil to support a healthy appetite and healthy blood sugar levels, and avocado oil as an antioxidant and to promote collagen skin levels.  You take one supplement with each meal, no more than three per day.

It’s been two weeks as of today since I began using FitMiss’s supplements, and I have lost 10 pounds so far.  Normally I wouldn’t care how much I’ve lost, but I also began using the BodySpace feature on to track workouts so I stay motivated.  Counting calories as I am doing is a surefire way to lose weight, but it always leaves me tired and is always difficult due to so many cravings and temptations.  I’m inclined to believe that this is not a placebo effect I’m experiencing, as I’ve used other products in the past and never felt as good as I do now using FitMiss.


If I sound like a cheap advertisement right now, I deeply apologize.  Trust me when I say that I wouldn’t be writing about FitMiss if I wasn’t completely convinced that it works.  The first big indicator for me is how I look.  My waist has thinned, my legs feel solid, my stomach toned.  I have never seen results this quickly by simple diet and exercise alone.  The second big indicator for me is my energy levels.  I’m always a grumpy sod in the mornings (and when I think about the next morning), but my energy during the day has seriously increased and I feel motivated and ready to go.  The third indicator is my appetite.  I am no longer always hungry, or craving a snack soon after finishing a meal, plus I find it easier to control portions.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to jump on the bandwagon so quickly.  I researched FitMiss products for nearly a month before deciding to make the purchase and try it out.  The big things that sold me were that most of the ingredients were either things I already took as supplements (but lower quality) or tried to consume, that the reviews were very positive and warnings were almost non-existent, and that reputable shops and sites carried the products (Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, etc.)  I’m skeptical of things like this because of various supplements I’ve tried in the past, so I always proceed with caution.


Today, I decided to ditch my current vitamin regimen and begin taking FitMiss Balance instead; I ordered a bottle that will hopefully arrive next week and will give me a 30 day supply.  It is a daily vitamin with minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and a 25 fruit and vegetable complex, plus omegas.  It contains 100% of the iron I need for the day, is loaded with B vitamins, delivers total immune support, is specially formulated for women with vitamin D and calcium, and is a hell of a lot easier than my current vitamin routine.  I’ll give it two weeks and post an update, but I’m overly confident that I will love it and that it’ll work perfectly for me.

Getting in shape is hard as hell, no matter who you are.  FitMiss has made it easy.  I can be lazy when it comes to exercise, I adore food and often feel tempted to cheat when trying to eat well, and I get tired very easily.  These last two weeks, however, have been embarrassingly easy.  I’m getting what my body needs when I force it to exercise and deny it chocolate cake.  I’m mentally in the right place to be getting healthy and I feel as if I have my own personal coach with the supplements and the BodySpace site and phone application.  The fact that I’ve seen results to quickly has motivated me to keep going strong, and I have no doubt that I will be in shape by the time my husband and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.


If you’re a chick who is looking to tone up and get healthy, I highly recommend checking out both FitMiss and  If you’re a guy, I deeply apologize that the FitMiss products won’t do jack for you, but is worth checking out, plus they have hundreds upon hundreds of vitamins and supplements and muscle building products and other things I don’t quite understand.  Getting healthy is a process, and sometimes part of that process means relying on things like an app on your phone or a pill you pop a few times a day.

Let me be clear though in saying that nothing I’ve seen on FitMiss would make me tout it as a miracle pill.  It’s just not.  But if you’re putting in the work and need an extra boost to not only see results, but to FEEL better and be healthier, you should give them a try.  Follow them both on Twitter at @IAMFITMISS and @Bodybuildingcom.  Good luck!


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