Noctura: The New EP

**This not my journey, but the journey of two musicians; Mandy and Kris.  It is best said in their words, so a good part of this blog will be cut and paste from an external site.  PLEASE click on the provided links for more info**

I first heard of Noctura through X103, our local rock station in Indy.  I loved what I heard and decided to do what I always do when curious; go to Google.  I began following Mandy and Kris on Twitter soon after, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they’re both sweet, funny, and overall awesome people who love their fans and aren’t shy about letting them know.  They’ve never been anything but nice to me, which makes me want to support their music even more.


Recently, the pair posted a link to a fundraising site that made me realize that these two have some serious balls.  I’m pasting some of their own words below so you can get an idea, but PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK and visit the page for yourself so you can help out and read their story in its entirety!  


“We’re a guy and a girl from Indiana and we like to make music. We’ve been lucky enough to accomplish some awesome things so far during our music endeavors, like crowdfunding our debut album in two days, selling out our debut show in 72 hours, snagging some killer opening slots for bigger acts, writing music for an independent feature film, and earning support from some major radio networks.  How’d we do all that? Simple answer: OUR. FANS. FREAKING. RULE.

Our online fan community is amazing beyond words. You guys have flooded radio stations with requests for our music, voted us to the top spot in several contests, sold out our shows in record time – the list goes on and on. We cannot tell you enough how important you are to us. We owe any and all of our successes to you. YOU are the reason we make music, and you’re in our hearts with every new song we write or journey we embark upon.

Speaking of journeys, we’re about to set off on the scariest, most exciting one yet! We’ve maintained our “normal” lives throughout our musical adventures, creating new songs as time and mental capacity have allowed outside our normal day jobs and typical routines. The stability in all this has been nice, but it’s not what’s in our hearts. We both know we were born to create music. (We have the obligatory music-themed tattoos and everything.)

So one day we just decided.

To stop spending 40 hours per week at jobs that don’t fulfill our spirits.

To stop living in a geographic location simply because we were raised here.

To stop being scared to take a leap of faith.

To stop using the word “someday”.

We’re quitting our jobs, selling/donating virtually everything we own, saying goodbye to our friends and family – and on February 28th, we’ll load up the car and drive across the country to start a new life in LA.”


Like I said, these two have BALLS.  The IndieGoGo website is where you all come in.  Read their story, check out their website, listen to their music, and help them get to LA and make the most amazing EP ever!  Their goal is $5,000, but it would be amazing if we could all help spread the word and help Noctura to surpass their goal and have enough to fund the perfect album, among other things that the pair have planned.  There are also perks for donating, such as digital downloads, physical copies of the new EP, t-shirts, posters, and a ton more that I refuse to reveal; go check the site for details!

Even a dollar can make a difference, and every new person we can tell about this fundraising effort is a huge help.  Please share, visit the site, and wish Kris and Mandy all the luck in the world! 



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  1. Wow! Thank you! I permanently wanted to write on my website something like that. Can I include a part of your post to my blog?

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