This Is Taxing

It has finally happened; I’ve been forced to file an extension instead of filing my taxes online and on time like I have been since I turned 18.  I didn’t do it because I was missing documentation, nor did I do it because I couldn’t scrounge up the cash to pay what I owe.  I did it because this lovely state of mine has been screwing up my taxes ever since I moved here from Georgia.  I’ve worked for three different companies since moving here (my second job has been the same position and office, but through different contracting companies) and no matter who handles my pay or who I submit my paperwork to, my state always tells me that I have failed to pay a single dime to the state and therefore owe quite a large sum of cash.

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The idea that I haven’t paid anything to the state always comes to light after I file my taxes and pay the $100 or so I still owe to the state.  I’ll get a notice in the mail in the form of a tax warrant stating that I owe a ridiculous amount and that I must pay it as soon as possible.  I’ll send in my W2, proof of payment after filing, and whatever else I can think of.  It usually takes two or three tries, but eventually they manage to look at my W2 and see that I have in fact paid my state tax.  Job done, I move on.  It’s become part of my routine and I didn’t think much of it until this February when all hell broke loose and a hold was placed on my bank account.

It’s been nearly two months since it happened and I’m still cleaning up the mess.  I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m at least told I don’t owe anything, but until I have that in writing and in my hand, I’ve been advised to hold off on filing my state tax.  I have to hold tight for a while and put my trust in the people who suspended my license for not paying a traffic ticket for failure to yield AFTER I paid said ticket on time.  I have to remain calm while offices who have consistently let me down work to probably let me down again.  It’s driving me absolutely crazy.


I’ve considered getting someone to do my taxes for me, but the problem isn’t in how I’m filing them.  The problem is that regardless of the fact that I report the tax I have paid to the state, the state will not recognize those payments and tells me I owe an entire year of tax and then some.  I’ve changed my deductions, worked with my employers to see if it’s something on their end, but nothing solves whatever issue I’m having.  No one from my state has told me what the issue is either.  And the year I was meant to get a refund of around $70?  Didn’t see a dime of that.  In all honesty, I think the only way I can solve this issue is to move out of this state and go somewhere that isn’t trying to screw with me for giggles.

In all seriousness, I write this in the hopes that someone out there can throw a bit of knowledge my way.  For some further background information, I currently work in one county, live in another, and my employer is based in another state.  Prior to my current job though, I worked and lived in the same county, where my employer was based, and still had the same issues.  I’ve tried claiming more deductions, then less deductions, and nothing changes.  I am married but file separately.  Now, here’s where you come in.  Have you heard of this happening before?  Do you have any advice at all on what I can do to fix this and prevent it from occurring again?  Should I just live off the grid and stop paying taxes altogether?


Please leave any help you can in the comments section, so both I and anyone who comes around can benefit from your words of wisdom.  If you have a similar story to share, please do so, as I’d love to know that I’m not alone!  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do some research on the benefits of closing my bank account and keeping all my money in a mattress.  They can’t get to it there…


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