Hey, @comcast, You Are Literally The Worst

Imagine the worst person you have ever dated.  Add some extra emotional abuse.  Take away their common sense and make sure they argue with you constantly, especially in situations where everyone knows they are wrong.  Add in the ability to ruin quiet evenings at home at the drop of a hat by simply refusing to do the one thing they are meant to do.  Oh, and they also have herpes, which they graciously gave to you, so expect them to always pop back into your life, in a manner of speaking.  This is what life is life if you are or ever have been a Comcast customer.


My husband and I bought a home in October 2014.  Prior to closing, I researched the cable providers in our area and was told that Comcast and Direct TV were our two options.  After reluctantly calling Comcast, I was told that our street was not wired because it was “too expensive” and “not worth doing at this time.”  Thankfully, a very helpful customer service rep at AT&T let me know that our street was set up for U-Verse; all they had to do was wire our home and we could transfer our service over.  I love AT&T.

Yesterday, we found a note on our door stating “We will be doing construction in your area for cable television.  All known existing utilities will be located and exposed to prevent damage to them.”  It even had an adorable cartoon construction worker on it.  I called the number on the back of the card for more information and was told that yes, our entire street was going to be “serviced.”  They will be boring eight inch holes in the yards to look for utilities.  Then they will fill them back up and spray paint the areas.  When I asked why, they told me it was to wire the neighborhood for Comcast services.


Now, they could have EASILY done this during the time AT&T chose to wire the neighborhood, when NO ONE WAS LIVING THERE, NO ONE HAD GRASS, AND NOTHING WOULD BE DISTURBED.  Instead, they are now going to dig for treasure in yards that have finally established a lawn and in yards like mine where my husband and I have spent hours in the yard trying to get things going and spent quite a bit of cash investing in seed and hay and tools.  And the kicker is that by law, they are allowed to dig up any yard in any neighborhood and don’t have to do a goddamn thing to fix it when they are done.  Awesome.

Comcast gave us less than a week’s worth notice.  They failed to put their name on the notice, give the neighborhood adequate information about what they were doing, and failed to do things properly in a way that made sense and didn’t annoy the piss out of everyone around them.  Since they don’t have to make repairs, I fully expect that we will have some lovely round dirt holes where grass used to grow once next week rolls around.  Comcast doesn’t care and they could not be more clear about that fact.

download (2)

It appears that I have no course of action here.  For some reason, MY property isn’t MINE when it comes to digging and installing cables that no one needs because we all already have cable services and sure as hell don’t want shitty Comcast.  I’ve been assured that it will cost me “about $20 to fill in my yard with seed and topsoil, depending on how many holes they dig.”  That’s reassuring, thanks.  Basically, I have to bend over and take it.  I don’t understand how this company is still in business, I don’t get how customers stick with them (unless they are still stuck on hold, which is a strong possibility).

It took us three weeks to leave Comcast, as their systems were always down when we tried to cancel, forcing us to drive quite a ways out to drop off our equipment and cancel for good.  Years later, they are still finding ways to screw with us.  Never have I ever seen a company care so little about their customers and still manage to keep them.  Comcast is the worst kind of business and I hope one day, they burn to the ground.


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  1. There is no way for you to opt out and just say you are not interested in them working on your property? Have you asked them what specifically authorizes them to perform work on your property? I wonder if they are going to say that when classified as a utility they have access to your entire property, which I can’t imagine is accurate. As much as being on hold sucks, pressing this issue might get more answers, especially the higher you elevate it. Are you on You can setup your neighborhood, invite your neighbors, and see if anyone else is against this encroachment on private property. We use a lot for many reasons, but things like this is one of them.

  2. How they are still in business despite such shifty business practices probably has a lot to do with whoreing it up with the federal government. You should cover your yard where they will be likely digging in manure….although it would probably be wrong to punish the worker ants for just doing their job. (Of course they’ll no doubt be doing so with heavy equipment too but unless you’ve got a home owner’s cult to answer too you can make things difficult by way of passive aggression. Lol)

  3. Thats called part of being a home owner…. just be glad you didnt have sod. Im sure your yard is not thick and green anyway if you really built a house last October. So you are bad because you dug up your dirt?

    • I’m mad because not only did they dig up flowers we had planted, but they had destroyed an area where we had seeded and fertilized. Had they reseeded the area, it would have been one thing, but they did not. Hard work down the drain. On top of that, they left exposed wires in the yards for a week. “Part of being a home owner” has to include kissing Comcast’s ass because they decide to do something they should have done over a year ago? Nope. Sorry, but I hold myself and my belongings to a higher standard.

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