Friendly Neighbors, Part 2

My next door neighbors and I will never be friends, not after the “man” of the house calling me a bitch and telling me to “move my fucking car” so his kids, nieces, nephews, and drunk friends have freedom to roam all over my front lawn and driveway.  I’ll never warm up to the woman who tries to goad me into an argument on a community message board instead of admit that maybe she shouldn’t allow her kids to hit baseballs into my siding or let them stand in the middle of my backyard, making my dog go crazy by our back door.  I can’t get along with people who treat an animal like an accessory instead of a living being, thinking throwing it a few treats is equal to care and love.

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My husband and I have given them notice that they aren’t allowed on our property.  He transcribed the lovely verbal exchange we had and sent them a copy, along with a copy to the HOA & sheriff.  We’re past the point of repair because there is clearly no reasoning with someone who refuses to admit they may have been wrong, choosing instead to blame everyone else.  I am the bad guy in this situation because I felt it was wrong to leave a puppy in the freezing rain for 90 minutes without even a light on out back.  I’m in the wrong for not wanting kids playing catch in my backyard because it upsets my own dog.  I’m the asshole for not wanting drunk idiots standing in my front lawn, dropping cigarette butts everywhere.  I am clearly a monster.

The weird thing is that it wasn’t always like this.  The man of the house helped my husband out with some yard issues, the girlfriend and I exchanged pleasantries here and there, and the first time they had a party, the guy gave us a heads up since there was going to be kids and cars everywhere.  It was nice.  Then, the second party rolled around and we had people all over the back yard.  Then the third party had drunk idiots in our front yard and being unreasonably loud so my kid couldn’t sleep.  The second they blocked off the street during that third party, I knew the niceties were over and done with.  There was zero effort to contain their guests or kids and zero concern about anyone around them.


I am a person who values and respects the personal space of others, and I expect the same be done for me.  I don’t chain my dog up outside unsupervised so he can bark his head off and give everyone a headache.  I don’t park my car in front of other people’s homes or mailboxes unless I am visiting a friend and have no other option.  I don’t yell and scream while running up and down the streets at midnight.  I try to be as unnoticeable as possible.  Because I don’t live on a college campus and because my neighborhood is filled with families, I expect a certain type of behavior from my fellow neighbors who were deemed adult enough to buy a home in the first place.

Last Sunday, my neighbors called the cops on my husband and I.  This stemmed from me recording a video of their dog barking while they ignored it.  I was standing in my kitchen to do this with the screen door closed; not outside, not hanging out a window, just standing in my kitchen.  Our neighbors have made it a new habit to examine our house anytime they come outside to throw food or water at their poor barking puppy, so the guy noticed me standing there and yells “REALLY?”  The lady comes out soon after, running her mouth about how animal control says it’s totally okay to leave  dog all by itself.  [Sidenote – I don’t give a shit what animal control says; you’re a shitty pet owner if you think leaving a dog alone outside for most of its life is an okay thing to do]


Getting back to the cops now.  The woman who showed up had the worst possible attitude ever; she rolled her eyes at my husband, said she didn’t want to be there, and was the true definition of a cunt.  She accused us of trespassing, then tried to take what we said and twist it into some weird admission of guilt.  I’m half convinced she was a friend of our neighbors with her piss poor attitude.  I don’t know what they told the cops to get them to come out, but as far as I am aware, I’m allowed to stand in my kitchen and do whatever the hell I please with my phone, or any other electronic device I have handy.  The Corporal I spoke to later than night didn’t have any issue with me videotaping something from inside my house, which makes me even more curious what these people told the cops to get them out there.

You may think that this is nothing more than an exchange of petty behavior between our two homes, but I don’t see it that way.  We put up with a lot of bull before contacting animal control, and that was done not out of spite, but because a young puppy was sitting in the dark, cold rainy temperatures for 90 minutes straight.  If they hadn’t purchased a dog so they could then ignore said dog, all of this likely would not have happened.  If anyone knows of a strange loophole in the law that would allow me to steal their dog and adopt her out to a good home, please let me know.

At this point, the only thing I can do is ensure I document everything and keep the HOA and law enforcement up to date on what is going on.  Copies of the recording have been distributed to the appropriate parties, which includes the guy calling me a bitch and trying to get me to fight him.  I hate having to do this, and I hate that I can’t ever be the kind of person who shuts up and accepts whatever shitstorm comes their way.  I would love not to care and just wander through life oblivious to the assholes around me.  But I’m not now, nor will I ever be, that person.  My husband and I busted our asses getting into this house and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let someone walk all over me because they were “here first, bitch.”


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